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Dec 3, 2013

The case ready business continues to grow.

There have been times that the industry was going to go to exact weights, to case weights and even exact portion size packaging, but weigh price labeling is still alive and well. In fact, it continues to grow.



It is important that you totally understand what is available when looking into going to auto weigh price labeling.

If you do not fully understand the options available you could possibly miss the key component that will turn the application into a huge cost savings for your plant.

When you decide to go to automatic weigh price labeling, be sure you are working with a supplier that will spend the time to totally understand your application.

It is your supplier’s job to fully meet your current needs and spend the time to explain what options are available to you to enhance the application.

Our new equipment is designed to enable you to add additional pieces to the equipment at a later date; we call this a ladder design.

This feature enables you to add another labeler at a later date or perhaps add metal detection later, this feature alone enables the equipment to grow with time.

Some of the new improvements in Weigh Price Labeling:

  • Washdown design reduces expensive component replacement occurences
  • New labelers available that have improved label application
  • Speed of these units continues to improve, (VBS’ unit can do industry standard speeds and capacities)
  • Exact weight case totals with the new equipment, with a small printer you can get a case label with the total weight of the packages in that specific case
  • Sortation of same size packages into different compartments for easy case packing
  • A totally integrated unit with metal detection, ink jet technology and vision systems added to the weigh price labeling unit and/or added at a later date

These are some of the features available for you today, make sure you work with a supplier that can help you totally understand.


Download our Weigh Price Labeling Brochure.

See our Weigh Price Labeling Product Page.

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