Weigh Price Labeling: From Butchers to Supermarkets

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Aug 2, 2013

The idea of weigh price labeling is a concept that goes back to “Ma & Pa” butcher shops, but it has evolved and is now used by larger meat suppliers.

Weigh price labeling is simply the process of labeling products by their actual weight rather than a common retail price for all similar packages.



Weigh price labeling was done in butcher shops because similar cuts of meat don’t always weigh consistently.

This helped the butcher give a fair price for varying sized cuts.

It is easy enough for most butchers to weigh on a regular scale and then write a ticket with the volumes that they handle.

However, many places (i.e. supermarkets, grocery stores) are selling fresh meat pre-cut in plastic wrapped packages and they have the supplier weigh the products before they are put out for sale.

Since the duty of weigh price labeling has shifted more and more towards suppliers, they need processes to be able to keep up with high demands.

In-motion weigh price labeling is a good way to do this!

With in-motion weigh price labeling, there are many options to consider.

If you have a dedicated line for one type of product, the system works quite simply.


The system weighs the meat, notes when it leaves the scale, and then times it so a printer uses an applicator to stick a label to the package at the correct time!

If you had a more chaotic flow of products, you could have a printer and applicator which could print off multiple different labels depending on the product.

The product could be identified by either an employee at a touchscreen or by a scanner reading pre-identification labels.

It is also worth mentioning that butchers are still around and could also benefit from an upgrade to their systems.

If you are a butcher still writing up tickets for every order, you could purchase a manual weigh price labeling system that puts out a ticket based on a selected preset after you have placed the product on the bench scale.

Weigh price labeling makes precise pricing and weighment far easier for any pay-by-weight operation, so give it a try.


Download the WPL PDF

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