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Oct 22, 2014

Having a flow scale is great for bulk granular product in order to determine an accumulated weight, but certain products can be far more difficult than others. Some have small grains that can get wedged in tiny spaces and some can tend to stick to machinery. This makes any processes more difficult and working with a flow scale is no exception. For this reason, having a flow scale that is rated for washdown is a major advantage.

Flow Scale to Weight Bulk or Aggregate Product

Flow Scale to Weight Bulk or Aggregate Product

When looking at how this improves the flow scale process, we have to inspect some specific products. Use bacon bits as an example. When they are fresh in the plant, they can have moisture that leads them to clump and stick to equipment, which makes them tough to handle. With flow scales, they can tend to stick or leave greasy residue on belting which causes problems.

A flow scale takes repeated weighments while it is weighing to get the sum of the product that is passing over it. The problem with sticky product is that it will add extra weight to the scale conveyor. The little bit of extra weight would seem insignificant by itself, but you have to realize that this weight would be added to the sum every time the conveyor takes a new reading. This can add up to some significant inaccuracy over time.

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To make the flow scale safe for washdown, we use stainless steel for exposed metal parts. This extends the life of the product by making it sturdy and protected from rust and corrosion. This means that it is also safe from any harsh cleaning chemicals that you might use during your washdown procedures. The structure of the scale is also meant to prevent places for excess water to collect, avoiding possible places for bacterial contamination.



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