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Oct 16, 2013

Indexing conveyor systems are a plant’s answer for the need to combine multiple lanes of product. This essentially makes them a traffic cop for your boxes and packages.

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Indexing conveyor systems require careful planning and timing to make sure that all your products are moving down the conveyor with appropriate space. Occasionally, problems arise that might disturb the timing of indexers.

One area where things can go wrong is that of the photo eyes. If they aren’t aligned correctly, the timing of the system could be off. Sometimes, this occurs because a photo eye has been bumped and skewed which causes it to set off the indexer at the wrong time, or not at all in a worst case scenario.

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It isn’t always a physical adjustment that can throw a photo eye off course. There is instructional machine code that interfaces the photo eye with the rest of the system. Sometimes, when this machine code or models of photo eyes are incompatible, it can cause issues that cause them to read incorrectly. We solve this issue with an in-house programming department that takes care of all of those issues before they occur in-plant.

In terms of physical maintenance, there is another issue that can arise when using certain indexers. Especially when using start-and-stop indexers, you can end up with wear issues. When using a motor that is stopping and starting all of the time, you will find that it starts to stress the motor to a point where you might need to replace it far more often. Our best solution for this problem is using mechanical stops that keep the motor and belting  running, while product starts and stops. This section of conveyor uses rollers that allow the product to flow across the top without putting excessive friction on the conveyor surface.

We understand that machines don’t always work how you would like, but there is almost always a viable solution waiting for that issue.

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