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Apr 5, 2013

Automatic filling machines are becoming more and more important for packaged products and there are several different ways to approach it.

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Automated Filling Machine

Let’s look into three distinct types of batching and filling for different operations.

1- Garner Hopper with Controlled Flow

In this setup, product falls from a conveyor into a garner hopper.

This garner hopper remains open while a scale hopper below accumulates weight.

When the scale hopper reaches a target weight it dumps into another garner hopper below which restricts the flow to match the speed of an output like a conveyor.

The top garner hopper’s purpose is to keep the process flowing while limiting free fall from the conveyor after the scale hopper reaches its target weight.

This is used for smaller products that are grouped together on a conveyor.

2 – Garner Hopper with Direct Flow

This style is identical to the last except the bottom garner hopper is replaced with a funnel or direct outlet of some sort. The product released from the scale hopper is all released at once. This is used for filling pre-formed packages because it deposits the product quickly and accurately.

3 – Multiple Scaled Hoppers

For plants that run product at an even faster pace, it might be necessary to stop the conveyor or auger feeding the system to get the most accurate weight.

In this case, we have a system similar to the last, but the top hopper is also scaled so that it doesn’t build up too much product before opening into the scale hopper.

Conveyors can be linked to the upper scale hopper so that they shut off when the hopper nears being full as a precautionary measure.

Filling systems are important in many ways and can be used for most food product applications!

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