Creating a Functional Workspace Using Steps and Walk Overs

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Mar 23, 2013

Optimizing the layout of your plant floor can be a difficult task.

This task becomes harder when you have a combination large machines and the necessity for walking spaces.

Stainless Steel Stair Walkover

A good fix for this issue is going vertical. If you can’t go around a machine, you could try going above it with walkovers and steps.

Plants need to utilize their space as best as possible and sometimes this means elevating conveyors and scales above normal working level.

If access is required, we make stainless steel steps and platforms that allow you to get up to the appropriate height without wasting time and invoking danger by bringing in a step ladder or something of the sort.

A walkover is simply a catwalk that allows you to go over some obstacle that you can’t just pass through.

If there is a conveyor that bisects an entire room, you can’t have employees just leaping over the conveyor, so these walkovers are the best solution.

Also made out of stainless steel, they provide a sturdy and safe walking surface.

It might seem dangerous to walk over stainless steel if you had wet boots because it would be a slippery surface, but we have accounted for this too.

For steps, we use textured, chemical-safe fiberglass grids that rest in the steps to add a proper gripping surface to avoid any accidents.

They can be lifted out for cleaning or bolted permanently into their position.

The textured grids allow things to fall through so they do no build up on walkways, but this causes another issue.

Some walkways go over conveyors and machines that would be negatively impacted by foreign product or water falling onto/into them.

We address this problem by installing drip pans and trays to catch foreign materials before they can interfere with another process.

They can then be directed to a safer location.

There is no reason to get flustered over a cluttered plant space.


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