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Apr 2, 2013

Imagine you have an incoming truckload of cattle heading to your plant. You know the average weight of the cattle by measuring them all at once on a livestock scale, or by measuring the truck after they are loaded up, but those numbers could be inaccurate.

You could have a variety of weights among the cattle.

This would mean that your average is going to be off for some cattle more than others.

This is easily remedied by installing a shackle scale.

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shackle scale

Heavy Duty Shackle Scale

After the cattle are knocked out before they are bled, the shackle scale, essentially a stronger, higher capacity version of our monorail scale, can take a weight of the animal before it is processed.

Compared to the 750 lb capacity monorail scale, the shackle scale can safely hold much more with a 4500 lb capacity.

What use is this?

To a producer, this number’s accuracy could mean a lot for profitability and business decisions.

With an accurate start weight, the producer can determine yield percentage/efficiency. This gives him a picture of how much meat/product he is getting per unit weight of the animal being harvested.

The producer expects a certain yield from the cattle.

With the shackle scale, he can determine why said cattle aren’t doing well.

They could just be smaller, or it could be that it hasn’t developed the expected level of muscle tone.

Premiums are paid for high-yield cattle and lot uniformity.

If a producer sees wild variations in yield and in weight between cattle from the same place, he might want to withhold premiums or look elsewhere for quality cattle.

This makes a shackle scale very important in gathering appropriate info to optimize profit.

If you are currently running a production facility based on yield per lot and want to start saving money by measuring yield per animal, then a shackle scale is the way to go.

Heavy Duty Shackle Scale

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