How Do You Upgrade Your Hide Sortation System?

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Jul 17, 2014

Some might be asking this question simply because hide sorting has traditionally been a very time consuming and old-fashioned process. Many places that were sending hides off to be processed would simply take the hide and throw it on a bench scale. They would take the weight and then inspect it for any sort of deficiencies or grading issues before throwing some salt on the hide, folding it, and sending it elsewhere to be worked on.

hide sortation

There has to be a more efficient way to sort hides than that, right?

This is the question we asked ourselves when we designed the best hide scale on the market and a sorting operation to go with it.

Normally, in a hide plant, the hides are suspended by two wheel trolleys that roll along the channels of an I-beam overhead. For weighing purposes, many places are currently cutting a section of that I-beam in order to separate it from the rest. It is then attached to a scale, so trolleys and hides can be weighed as they cross over that I-beam section. It makes sense when you think about it, but it is a fairly inaccurate method because that wasn’t the I-beams intended purpose and all sorts of outside factors can influence the weighment.

This led us to make our hide scale as an upgrade. The hide scale is a heavy duty scale that makes use of special trolleys which pivot upon entering the scale. The trolley pivots out of center with the carcass in order to isolate the carcass weight as it passes over the scale. This gives it incredibly accurate readings that surpass any other conventional methods for weighment.

hide sortation

Hide Sortation System

With that accurate weight information, the hide is graded at a manual grading station by a user who is inspecting for defects, thickness, and type of hide. With all of that information together, the system can make a decision on where the hide should be sorted to. Once the hide reaches its intended location, whether that be a bin or some sort of brine chill, a mechanical lever pushes the trolley J-hook up until the hide simply slides off and falls into the correct spot.

The system drastically reduces any sorting issues due to poor weighments and automatically handles your hides with ease.

Trolley Vision RF System

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