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Apr 28, 2013

Rubber T-strip can be very helpful in keeping moisture and debris out of your scale pit.

But what is it keeping in your pit? The answer is moisture!

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In-ground Truck Scale

In the spring and summer months, it is very important to keep the side gap of your scale open to allow ventilation of the pit so moisture can be removed.

If you have ever been in a sealed scale pit with water on the floor on a warm day, and believe me we have, it looks like a tropical rain forest down there.

As neat as that sounds, it is not a good thing for the metal and electronics in your scale.

Other questions on truck scale maintenance? Contact our service team!

Water is literally dripping off of the underside of the scale as it tries to evaporate to the warmer temperature outside.

With the t-strip in, evaporating water has nowhere to go and condenses resulting in moisture in the pit.

On a 70 foot truck scale there is nearly 6 square feet of ventilation with the side strips removed!

That is a lot of air exchanged to dry out your scale!

You can still leave the end pieces in to keep traffic mud out.

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Above-Ground Truck Scale

By simply doing a few simple maintenance procedures, keeping your sump pump operational for when heavy rains add water to your pit, and cleaning the pit on a bi-annual basis will add years of service to your scale.

Also, don’t forget to pump all of the water out in the fall before it freezes!

A drained pit will help the pit dry out quicker when the nice spring weather comes around again.

Then you will have more time to worry about more important things.

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