Trolley Vision: The Value of a Training System for Trolley Tracking

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Dec 13, 2013

When it comes to carcass tracking, our Trolley Vision® is one of the most accomplished systems on the market. It is a permanent solution with exceedingly high read rates compared to current tracking operations which often use unreliable tagging methods.

Trolley Vision Training Station

Trolley Vision Training Station

With something new like Trolley Vision®, we can’t assume that the end users are always going to know how to use the system. For this reason, we have made Trolley Vision® training stations which can ease the learning curve.

The training station is essentially a scaled down, separate Trolley Vision® system mounted on a single, portable cart. The stainless steel cart has a mounted reader camera, a backlight, a section of rail for trolleys to go across, and an industrial controller with keyboard and mouse.


To understand how the tracking works, employees can take a trolley that we have drilled to work with Trolley Vision® and run it past the reader and back light. The camera takes a picture which is displayed on the controller screen as the backlight shines on the other side to ensure that the picture has maximum contrast. This makes it easy for our software to interpret the patterned holes in the trolley as a unique numeric code.

trolley strap expanded view

Trolley with Unique ID Pattern

The picture of the trolley is displayed along with the unique ID number derived from the pattern. By displaying guidelines for our software, service technicians for your plant can be trained on how to properly set up and calibrate the camera in order to get the highest possible read rates in the chance that the camera is somehow moved.

The beauty of a system like this is that it helps employees become accustomed to the workings of the Trolley Vision® system without causing any interruptions on the plant floor. You can’t afford the downtime of shutting down production just so new users can understand the system.

vision systems

If you need any form of trolley tracking in your plant, Trolley Vision® is definitely your best option, and the training system is a very useful addition. Contact us if you are interested.

Trolley Vision for Tracking Carcasses

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