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Apr 5, 2013

When working with radio frequencies for tracking, there is a lot of science to master.

Just because radio was discovered almost a century ago doesn’t mean that it is a simple thing.

Trolley Vision RF Tracking Components

Trolley Vision RF Tracking Components

One of the things that we have to worry about it the type of RF tag that goes into our trolleys in the Trolley Vision RF system.

There are generally two variants of RF tag that are commonly used for communication: passive and active. The two perform the same task, but take a very different approach.

With passive RF tags, the antenna in the system creates an electromagnetic field, which excites and powers the RF tag.

Upon excitation, each RF tag emits a unique harmonic signal that the antenna also picks up. This harmonic signal that the tag gives off can then be assigned a unique number in a database.

Active RF tags have an on-board power source that allows them to give off their signal all the time, regardless of the electromagnetic waves given off by the antenna. These can bypass power issues, but more signals also equals more interference.

Tags can also come in two other variants: read only and read/write.

We tend to use read only tags because they allow the antenna to sense the tags accurately without bringing in any unnecessary complexities.

rf tracking

Read/write tags sound like a good idea, but the added ability to write data to the tag doesn’t do much for this sort of operation.

It merely brings in the danger of the system overwriting data on the wrong tag or data loss through other means.

We decided that it was far safer for the information to be handled by the server and database than the tags themselves.

So, there are just a few little things that we have to consider when making Trolley Vision® RF. It’s not the simplest system, but simple doesn’t always mean better.

If you have a plant where you think that Trolley Vision® RF might be a good fit, get in contact with us today.


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