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Jan 14, 2014

The carcass tracking market promises many solutions, but not all of them work equally. In an attempt to move away from paper tags and manual recordkeeping, more and more plants have switched to some sort of radio frequency system to track each trolley on their monorail with a radio chip. It is a good concept, but doesn’t always work out in practice.

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With radio tracking, components regularly break, and you are sometimes forced to make intrusive modifications to trolleys in order to keep the chips in place. All this aside, these systems are often misleading as well. Many RF tracking systems actually work very well upon initial installation. Sadly, read rates on chips regularly start to decline at a very brisk pace because the chips are beaten or simply because they do not age well.

We have two solutions for those who are tired of systems like this. For starters, we make our own version of an RF system which is actually non-intrusive and less prone to damages, but an even more permanent solution is our Trolley Vision® system which takes an entirely different approach to tracking.

vision systems

Trolley Vision®, as its name suggests, uses vision to accomplish what most other systems cannot. Each trolley is drilled with a pattern of small holes which is translated by powerful software and a smart camera at each read station required. While trolleys do have to be slightly modified to fit this system, it is a fairly simple and non-destructive process. The holes are not in a common cross section and are small enough in size so that each trolley strap remains structurally sound.

Trolley Vision® solves the problem of damages that RF chips are so susceptible to. After all, a hole can’t fall off the trolley, so unless the trolley itself is broken, there aren’t as many things that can go wrong compared to RF tracking.


Trolley Vision® is a relatively new concept for many plants, so we have also worked with companies to provide them with the ability to train their employees to understand the new system. Training systems can be created which allow employees to get up close to the hardware and software without having to work it out during plant operations. The best part of these systems is that they use the exact components which you would find in the actual system, so they can also act as replacement parts if something goes down unexpectedly.

By upgrading to a  permanent solution like Trolley Vision®, it will save you from a lot of hassle from day one and will provide you with the ability to keep tabs on all of your product and the important data that goes with them.

Trolley Vision for Tracking Carcasses

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