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The meat industry continues to search for ways to make food safer while at the same time its margins are being squeezed by increased costs and severe competition.  It’s enough to keep even  your security guard awake at night!

There is one tool available to meat plants that can assist in traceability and Country Of Origin Labeling goals as well as increase operating efficiencies, thereby adding to profit margins rather than squeezing them.

That tool is Trolley Vision®.

trolley vision infographic

By identifying a carcass on a specific trolley and reading that trolley at various points throughout your plant, you can track carcasses for traceability requirements.

By tracking carcasses into and out of your cooler, you have a cooler management tool that can add to, rather than take away from, profit margins.

Pinpointing cooler bay shrink problems is the first step toward solving them!

Additionally, with the data that is available, you can track yields from individual animals.

This is especially handy in beef and pork plants that want to take the next step in maximizing their operational efficiencies.

With food related illnesses and expensive recalls in the news almost every week, it is more important than ever for the meat industry to do all it can to trace its products, to comply with regulations, and to make enough profit to stay in business.

Trolley Vision® is one tool that can do it all!

With over 15 years of development and fine-tuning, we have proven to the meat industry that this the right tool at the right time!

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