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Aug 18, 2014

Trolley tracking systems, like our Trolley Vision®, are being used more and more often for carcass tracking and plant traceability because they are far more reliable than attaching tags to each animal. Whether it is a vision system or an RFID chip in the trolley, trolley tracking is becoming the new standard, but did you know that its benefits don’t necessarily stop at traceability?

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With Trolley Vision®, we are able to link information directly to each trolley because they are each given a unique ID number. All kinds of different information can be stored in databases and linked to that trolley indefinitely. One little piece of information that could save you money over the long run is the tare weight.

The tare weight is simply the weight of the trolley itself, which is subtracted from the overall weight to give you the specific weight of the carcass. In many meat processing plants, the tare is a constant value that is assumed for every trolley. This increases the chance that your final carcass weight could be slightly off. With high volume of production, every little bit counts.

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Fortunately, Trolley Vision® can easily keep track of a trolley’s tare weight throughout all of the plant’s processes. All you need to do is run the unladen trolleys over a legal for trade static scale and link that weight to the trolley by running each trolley past a Trolley Vision® camera, so it matches the data to the correct trolley.

Having unique tare weights helps you get the most accuracy out of every carcass weighment that goes through your plant. Even if the difference between the assumed tare weight and the actual tare weight is very small, the giveaway costs could stack up over time. With Trolley Vision® reading and storing tare weights, this problem ceases to exist.

If you’re interested, Trolley Vision® is capable of improving your plant in a number of different ways that you might not expect right away. Contact us or browse our other Trolley Vision® related blogs and media to find out more.

Trolley Vision for Tracking Carcasses

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