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Apr 4, 2013

The information that consumers look for on labels today is getting complicated.

Is the food product organic, anti-biotic free,? Did the critters range freely before processing? Were yoga classes offered to reduce animal stress levels!?

Yes, the number of labels needed is growing and so is the amount of information required.

Fortunately, applying your labels does not need to be complicated.

We design labeling systems that place labels on top of products, on the bottom of products, and even on the side.

The types of products that we can label is virtually endless; case-ready trays, shrink wrapped items, whole or packaged fruits and vegetables, boxed, and vacuum packaged product.

top and bottom labeling

Dual Top and Bottom Labeler

With a labeler positioned beneath a conveyor and another placed above the conveyor both top and bottom application can be accomplished at nearly the same moment.

If you want maximum throughput, as most companies these days do, we can design and build a system with backup applicators ready to jump in and take over the labeling duties as soon as one labeler runs out of labels.

And with a special light that warns you when a labeler is running low on label stock, you can be assured of the fewest interruptions possible.

From conveyors that are designed and built for years of smooth, reliable service to the robust, time-tested labelers that we integrate into those conveyors, your most difficult labeling decision will be what you want your labels to say.

After you decide that, we can greatly reduce your stress levels when it comes to printing and applying those labels.

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