Time & Temperature Indicator Labeling to Monitor Shelf Life

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Mar 9, 2013

There is a product on the market today that actually monitors the time and the temperature of your product from the moment it was packaged to the end of the shelf life.

What is a TTI label?

The TTI label is a sensitive ink used in printing a thermometer-shaped (or heart-shaped) symbol on the product label. The border of the thermometer/heart is the reference color.

In the packaging line, the indicator is activated by exposure to UV light-its color then changes to dark blue. From this moment on, the indicator monitors the cold chain for chilled or frozen product. As time passes and/or if the cold chain is broken, the inside color pales.

How is the label activated?

We can activate the label by using a prescribed dose of UV light. There are special applicators that activate and apply the label on your packages either manually or in motion. Depending on the temperature and the shelf life, different amounts of UV rays are charged to the label.

What are the benefits of using a TTI label?

With just a glance, the consumer knows the conditions of the product they are buying or are about to use. The TTI promotes consumer confidence in your product and your company, thus promoting sales. You now have assurance that the product that is in the consumer’s hand has been properly maintained and the shelf life has not expired,

This is a value-added tool to enhance your products.

By using the OnVu ™,TTI, you have the opportunity to reach out to your consumers, pointing out the benefits to your TTI label and setting yourself apart from the competition.

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