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Nov 24, 2013

More goes into the process of hide sorting than you would probably think.

After a hide is cleaned, washed, and dried, it needs to go through a series of checks and verifications that bring it to its final destination and determine what it will be used for.

Hide Monorail Scale

Hide Monorail Scale

The first step a hide goes through in our version of hide sortation is the grading station.

Here, a grader performs an inspection to determine the grade of the hide and has to check several things:

  • Does it have any defects?
  • Does it have any holes?
  • Does it have a brand and where?

All of these end up being important questions for the hide’s value and its treatment later on.

He is given a panel that lets him input all of these specifications with general ease.

After the grader completes his task, the hide moves on to the next important sorting phase: the weighment.

All of the hides are treated and priced mainly by weight and their lack (or excess in a bad case) of defects.

Hide Monorail Scale

Hide Monorail Scale

The hide passes over an in-motion monorail scale, and the weight reading that this takes is linked to the previous information.

When both of those criteria have been logged, the system waits until it reaches an appropriate drop to match its data and a lever tilts the hook holding the hide up, so it then drops off of the hook and into a tub, combo, or other container.

From there it is moved to a vat or location to be treated and progresses onward.

This might seem like excessive detail to go through for every hide, but it is all very important information.

With the weight measurements, one or two pounds could spell the difference for several hundred dollars of premiums.

An intuitive system like this helps you make the most of your operation, helping you to hit the premiums and to avoid the less profitable hides.

Look into it if you have any sort of hide operation.

Hide Sortation Monorail Scale Brochure

Download our PDF Brochure

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