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Apr 3, 2013

Affordable Carcass Tracking with Trolley Vision®

There seems to be a misconception in the market today that keeping track of a carcass in a kill facility is labor intensive and expensive.

Of course this could be true depending what value one puts on knowing what carcass is on what trolley and/or where a specific carcass is in the cooler.

Then again, what is the value of knowing all of the information on a specific carcass that is about to drop onto the cut table?  It could be quite a sum of money when you look at the whole picture of what Carcass Tracking can do!

Trolley Vision® is a tracking system that has been time-tested; it can be used throughout your whole plant.

Trolley Sorting Monorail

Trolley Sorting Monorail

It is just like hanging a sign or license plate on the trolley that this carcass was “Wilbur” and belongs to good old “Farmer John.” It is readable by everyone that needs to read it throughout the entire plant and by the way, the sign cannot fall off!

Trolley Vision® is a matrix of holes drilled into the trolley strap, giving that trolley a specific number which is camera readable.

The drilled holes do not weaken the trolley in any way shape or form and they can not be lost or destroyed in plant usage. The reading stations are no more than a camera, a small computer, a tube and a back light.

trolley vision

Trolley vision system with light and camera

What are the uses?

  • Producer identification tool recording lot number
  • Hot weight of carcass eliminating hot tags
  • Carcass damage can be recorded to the specific carcass
  • With scales trim loss can be recorded giving you actual carcass yield
  • Yield data can be stored on an individual basis vs. by lot
  • Rail-outs can be put back into the line at any time and be automatically credited to the correct account
  • Maintain a positive perpetual cooler inventory
  • Cooler shrink analysis per carcass by knowing exact location
  • Cooler sorting by weight and/or grade
  • All carcass information at cut table

These are just some of the uses we have come up with over the years.  What other reasons do you need a reliable Carcass Tracking System for?

The system is not labor intensive, it reads the trolleys by itself and the cost is very reasonable when you look at the information gathered and recorded!

Trolley Vision Brochure

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Apr 2, 2013

Trolley Vision® and Permanent Data Accountability

If you run a slaughter plant or work in meat production, you should already know how important tracking information is for carcasses.

You also probably know how difficult this is to accomplish.

Traditional tracking is done by fixing information tags to a carcass.

These tags have all the necessary data provided by producers, feedlots, and ranches, but they are risky to use.

Tags are prone to falling off and being lost, and the instant this happens, it is almost impossible to link that data back to the right carcass aside from an educated guess.

This is especially important because many customers (especially in Asia and Europe) have very strict requirements for data availability on the meat that they purchase.

Sometimes, this data is required by law.  The only way to fix this is by switching to a permanent tracking system.

An example of a permanent system is Trolley Vision®. Using a patterned set of small holes in the trolley, Trolley Vision® is able to visually identify each trolley by a unique number.

trolley vision

Trolley Vision System with light and camera

A backlight shines through the holes to add contrast while the trolley passes in front of a camera. The camera takes a picture and runs it through software which determines the number. This system is used to link information to a carcass via a computer database instead of a physical tag. This makes it far more permanent and makes it easier to add information.

Once the trolley is made to fit the Trolley Vision®, reading stations can be installed wherever new info needs to be added to a carcass’s data string. Each station adjusts and overwrites the data to reflect the new info.

If you use tags and you aren’t seeing the results you would expect, take a close look at Trolley Vision®.

Trolley Vision Brochure

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Mar 31, 2013

Trolley Vision®

Trolley Vision® is registered and patented invention by Vande Berg Scales. What is Trolley Vision®?

trolley vision

Trolley Vision System with light and camera

A carcass tracking and identifying tool used to track weight, grade and deficiencies in slaughter facilities throughout the United States and the world. What is special about Trolley Vision® is the way the carcass is tracked.

A unique series holes or patterns are drilled into each of the trolleys to be used on the production chain.

A high definition camera with a lighted white background allows the camera to take a picture of the individual trolley strap.

Now, a data string can be attached to that carcass.

Several camera stations can be set up through a kill floor and the cooler to add data every time that trolley has been identified.

The company now has inventory of yield per carcass, producer, shrinkage and overall meat they have in inventory.

The data is collected and can be analyzed for process improvement and to have better control of a company’s bottom line.

Trolley Vision® can even be used to keep track of trolley inventory and maintenance issues.

So in summary, Trolley Vision® is mainly used in the beef and pork industry for:

  • Carcass Tracking – Greatly improved traceability and allows companies to track individual carcasses for weight, grade, yield & animal kind
  • Cooler Management – Track cooler shrinkage and helps to identify cooler problems
  • Cooler Sortation – Allows for sortation of carcasses by weight, grade & animal type – To identify trolleys for maintenance
  • Trolley Maintenance – Control inventory and Maintenance Issues
Trolley Vision Brochure

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