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Mar 31, 2013

Trolley Vision®

Trolley Vision® is registered and patented invention by Vande Berg Scales. What is Trolley Vision®?

trolley vision

Trolley Vision System with light and camera

A carcass tracking and identifying tool used to track weight, grade and deficiencies in slaughter facilities throughout the United States and the world. What is special about Trolley Vision® is the way the carcass is tracked.

A unique series holes or patterns are drilled into each of the trolleys to be used on the production chain.

A high definition camera with a lighted white background allows the camera to take a picture of the individual trolley strap.

Now, a data string can be attached to that carcass.

Several camera stations can be set up through a kill floor and the cooler to add data every time that trolley has been identified.

The company now has inventory of yield per carcass, producer, shrinkage and overall meat they have in inventory.

The data is collected and can be analyzed for process improvement and to have better control of a company’s bottom line.

Trolley Vision® can even be used to keep track of trolley inventory and maintenance issues.

So in summary, Trolley Vision® is mainly used in the beef and pork industry for:

  • Carcass Tracking – Greatly improved traceability and allows companies to track individual carcasses for weight, grade, yield & animal kind
  • Cooler Management – Track cooler shrinkage and helps to identify cooler problems
  • Cooler Sortation – Allows for sortation of carcasses by weight, grade & animal type – To identify trolleys for maintenance
  • Trolley Maintenance – Control inventory and Maintenance Issues
Trolley Vision Brochure

Download our PDF Brochure