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Feb 20, 2013

Why Choose Our Top & Bottom Labeling System

Labeling can be a bottleneck for production lines. Applications requiring both Top & Bottom Labeling can be especially slow and can also be costly in terms of labor. Delicate products like frosted cakes that cannot be inverted before applying labels to the top and bottom without damaging them are especially troublesome. The obvious solution is the Top & Bottom Labeling process in which labels are applied to both sides of the package at once. A number of units on the market today can accomplish this, but the system produced by Vande Berg Scales is the best choice because of a number of factors.

top and bottom labeling

Dual Top and Bottom Labeler

Simultaneous Application. A true Top & Bottom Labeling System is not a top labeler and a bottom labeler placed into a production line one after another. Such a procedure requires more space and a more expensive conveyor infrastructure and takes additional labor in programming and quality control. Vande Berg Scales Top & Bottom Labeler is an integrated unit with both labeling heads attached to the same conveyor and each controlled from an easy-to-use touch screen panel. One employee can easily manage the Top & Bottom Labeler, possibly in conjunction with other duties, providing a substantial savings in labor, in addition to the savings in space.

Label Sourcing Versatility. Many Top & Bottom Labeler units are designed for preprinted labels. The advantage of a Vande Berg Scales Top & Bottom Labeling System is the option to use print & apply or preprinted labels. This means you can print labels immediately before being applied. You will also have the flexibility of being able to change the design or detail of labels, bar codes and prices as needed. All the operations, including printing, can be controlled from each applicator by a single employee, coupling cost savings with flexibility.

top and bottom labeling

Top and Bottom Labeler with Extra printers – permits label change-out while line is still operating


Method of Application. Some units designed for Top & Bottom Labeling have only one option for label application. The label may be wiped on as the product is carried by, it may be tamped on, or it could be blown on; there is usually no choice between the three. Vande Berg Scales Top & Bottom Labeling System can be equipped with any of the three types of heads. A photo eye activates the system when product approaches, and the labels are applied precisely according to your settings. If redesign or other factors create a need for change, the labelers can be reprogrammed in a matter of minutes.

Durability. Vande Berg Scales has a long tradition of producing high quality manufacturing machinery to integrate with the most demanding production lines. A Top & Bottom Labeling System by Vande Berg Scales is solidly constructed for long service life. Its materials are top of the line through and through, and the precision assembly process ensures accurate performance to the highest standards. Vande Berg Scales top & bottom labelers provide simple operation that conserves valuable labor resources while reducing the rate of unusable merchandise to the extent that it can pay for itself within months.

Reducing costs is one of the best ways to ensure a company’s profitability. The use of a Vande Berg Scales top & bottom labeling system can significantly lower labor and production costs. This cost savings is accomplished by simultaneous applying labels to the top and bottom of your products. This process will eliminate the need for manual labeling operations and streamline your labeling application with either a preprinted or a print-and-apply operation. That makes choosing a unit from Vande Berg Scales a very good option.

Top and Bottom Labeling Brochure

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Feb 15, 2013

A Quality Top & Bottom Labeling System Will Justify It’s Own Cost

After installing a quality Top & Bottom Labeling System, you will notice a reduction in labor and better quality control of your labeling applications.  A Top & Bottom Labeling System will justify it’s own cost in a matter of months!

top and bottom labeling

Top and Bottom Labeler with Extra printers – permits label change-out while line is still operating

Perhaps your company has the need to place labels on both the top and the bottom of your products and you haven’t really found an efficient method that will reduce cost and save labor.

Have you considered purchasing a top & bottom labeling system?

Maybe you have, but in the end have decided against it because of the cost factors.

This article will show you the many reasons why this mindset may actually be costing you instead of saving you money.

A top & bottom labeling system can help increase your plant’s productivity.  The need for reliability, accuracy and speed have many companies searching for just the right combination of these three qualities in an automatic labeling system, but at the same time keeping economics a priority. This is where a Vande Berg Scales Top & Bottom Labeling System makes perfect sense and is why it is making it’s appearance in more plants across a larger variety of industries.

Whether your plant manufactures food products, retail products or other manufactured items, a quality top & bottom labeling system will meet and exceed your plant’s needs.  The top & bottom labeling system sets new standards of quality, accuracy and economical considerations for your product’s labeling application and will eliminate the cost of manually placing labels on the top and bottom of you products.

Lets cover 5 reasons why you should consider adding a top & bottom labeling system to your plant:

  1. Construction is top of the line, making this system durable and long lasting
  2. Works with just about any type of packaging, making it very versatile
  3. Low maintenance and easy to obtain parts if needed
  4. All labeling parts are synchronized and work harmoniously together
  5. No tools are needed when changing over to new label rolls

What makes the Vande Berg Scales Top & Bottom Labeling System stand out in the industry?  We designed a system that productively and efficiently enables the proper placement of a top and a bottom label at the right time and position on your product’s packaging.  Our top & bottom labeler uses a conveyor system with a labeler mounted on a stand over the top of the conveyor and a base underneath the conveyor where the bottom labeler is mounted.  Because of the fact that these parts are independent of each other, they can be moved around easily and their positions can be changed as needed.  Due to this feature alone, maintenance and cleaning is simple.

This operational technique is why our top & bottom labeling systems are very efficient. Product is detected on the conveyor belt by the use of a photo eye system which signals the application process of both the top and bottom labelers to take action.  During this process the labels are uniquely placed in the per-determined spots for that particular product package.

By putting our top & bottom labeling system into your plant, you will be setting your company above the rest. You can experience increased productivity while maintaining your accuracy. All of this becomes possible with the use of our unique system. More and more plants are looking for ways to improve their daily operations; Our system is gaining popularity with its unique yet functional features!

Why continue doing things the old way, when by owning a top and bottom labeler you can completely improve your entire plant’s operation integrity?!  Remember, by simply making a reduction in staff, this purchase can be possible and will justify the cost. You will thank yourself many times over as your company stands above the rest. Your reputation comes first!

Top and Bottom Labeling Brochure

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Feb 14, 2013

What’s new at Vande Berg Scales “Top and Bottom Labeling System”

When you have a product that is really hot you just want to stand on the mountain top and shout it out! This is how Vande Berg Scales feels about our new Top & Bottom Labeling System.

top and bottom labeling

You ask yourself, ‘why would I buy a Top & Bottom Labeling System from a scale company?’ Vande Berg Scales has been doing this for over 45 years. We have listened to our customers, learned what is essential to them and designed a labeling system that almost does all the work for you.

You want a system that will get the job done for you. Our Top & Bottom Labeling System is just such a system.

top and bottom labeling

What is the standard? This is a state-of-the-art top & bottom labeling system that gives you complete functionality, reliability, and performance that puts you in control of your labeling applications. This is not just a top labeling system or a bottom labeling system used on the same production line. Vande Berg Scales has designed a combination top & bottom labeling system using a common conveyor that can be installed into most any production line.

You do not need to babysit this system. This top & bottom labeling system is so accurate and reliable that once you set up your production run and test it for proper label placement, it practically runs itself. You can even order low label warning lights that tell your operator when it is time to replace labels. We also offer a dual top & bottom labeling system so you won’t even have to stop production to change labels.

Where have we installed these systems before? Since introducing this top & bottom labeling system we have installed them in meat, deli meat, and cheese processing plants. Yes, we have happy customers in a Council Bluffs, IA deli meat processing plant, a Lake Mills, WI cheese processing plant, and a Boscobel, WI co-processing plant.

When you have a great product and you know you have a great product, you just want everyone else to know about it! Vande Berg Scales would like to invite you to learn more about our Top & Bottom Labeling System.

Top and Bottom Labeling

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Feb 10, 2013

Top 10 Reasons To Purchase Top & Bottom Labeling Systems

Naturally, there are a number of good reasons to purchase a top & bottom labeling system.

One of the foremost reasons to buy a top & bottom labeling system is that they set new principles in the superiority, precision and the economy of labeling your products.

When it comes to labeling systems, it is interesting to note that they come in many different configurations.  Of course, it would all depend upon the kind of packaging you want labeled.

top and bottom labeling

Dual Top and Bottom Labeler

Some of the more popular labeling systems include:

  • Top labeling
  • Bottom labeling
  • Wrap labeling
  • Front and back labeling
  • Top and bottom labeling system

Of all the labeling systems available to you today, top & bottom labeling systems are becoming increasingly more popular, as they are designed to work concurrently with each other to label both the top and bottom of your cartons, clamshell packaging, tub-style containers and much more.

Some applications require quick and dependable label placement, so our Top & Bottom Labeler features vertical and horizontal adjustments and it works on nearly all kinds of packaging, including retail, food, produce, cosmetics, or most any other packaging types.  When you take these features into account, it is no wonder that top & bottom labeling is becoming more and more widespread in the industry.

automatic labeling

Dual Bottom Labeling Printer and Applicator

There are numerous reasons you would want to use our Top & Bottom Labeling System.  Here are 10:

  1. It is durable and dependable
  2. It is engineered so that it is easy-to-use and can withstand tough conditions
  3. It is designed to integrate into almost any packaging system
  4. This system is virtually maintenance free as far as the servo drive and motor is concerned
  5. It has a virtually maintenance free AC motor on the conveyor
  6. There are no exclusive components and parts are available for quick turn-a-round
  7. The conveyor, top hold-down, wrap-station, spacing wheel, labeler and product spacer are all in harmony with one another. They are completely synchronized.
  8. Complete with touch-screen on many models for easier and more precise setups
  9. Electronic automatic sensor-positioning
  10. No tools are necessary for quick changeovers

How is our Top and Bottom Labeling System constructed? Using a common conveyor system, the top labeler is mounted on a stand over the conveyor and the bottom labeler is mounted on a base under the conveyor. Both the stand and base are movable as to allow label replacement and cleaning of the conveyor system. Product is conveyed onto the conveyor system and is detected by the use of photo eyes. The top and the bottom applicators are triggered, placing the labels on the packages in the predetermined locations as they pass over.

This top & bottom labeler is built to accommodate a very challenging manufacturing line.  The great thing about this labeler is its faultless top & bottom in-line labeling proficiency.  It enables you to include functionality into your business.

Who wouldn’t like to utilize a Top and Bottom Labelers in any high production business?  Our labeler’s precision and consistency is what makes a business flow with reliability, exactness and accuracy.  This is definitely a step above the best!

Top and Bottom Labeling Brochure

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