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Apr 2, 2013

Meeting Smokehouse Requirements With a Static Monorail Scale

Optimizing smokehouses can be a demanding task because of the combination of possibly harsh environments and hefty physical requirements.

Fortunately, we offer a scale that allows you to accurately weigh in smokehouse environments without a hitch.

The static multi-cell monorail scale is the perfect complement to a smokehouse.

monorail scales

Static Monorail Scales

Smokehouse trolleys aren’t usually chain driven, so a static scale suits the operation fine because the employees are in control of where smokehouse trees are directed.

Smokehouse trees are basically monorail-mounted racks that are often laden down with heavy weights in meat products to be smoked.

To meet the physical demands, the multi-cell monorail scale has a usual capacity of 4,000 lbs.

Most smokehouse trees are hung from dual monorail wheels, which are too far spread apart for an accurate weight from one load cell.

We use dual load cells to cover a larger span that allows trolleys spaced as far as 2-3 feet to be used on one scale.

Occasionally, some smokehouse trees can have four separate monorail wheels and cover an even wider space which could cause instabilities in the live rail, but this is easily solved through the use of two separate multi-cell monorail scales, spaced as necessary, wired together through a junction box.

This model is comprised entirely of stainless steel which gives it incredible strength and protects it from environments.

The stainless steel is highly resistant to any sort of corrosion through smoke or cleaning agents that it might come into contact with.

Other features of the static multi-cell monorail scale include a watertight structure which greatly improves the scale’s longevity. It also has a simplified outer structure that makes it very easy to maintain and clean in the plant.

This scale was made expressly with smokehouses in mind because weighing is very important for yield data before and after the smoking process. If you need a way to gather that information, this scale would make an excellent choice.

Static Monorail Scale Brochure

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Apr 2, 2013

Improving Smokehouses with Static Multi-Cell Monorail Scales

Compared to in-motion monorail scales, which can be used in several places within a processing plant, the static multi-cell monorail scale has much more specific uses. One of these uses that it excels at is smokehouse applications.

Static Multi-cell Monorail Scale

Static Multi-cell Monorail Scale

In a smokehouse, all the products hang from trees, tiered hangers that carry multiple smoked products like sausage, ham, etc.

These trolleys roll around on rails with one or two wheels and need to be weighed before and after being smoked.

Weighing before and after the smoking process gives valuable cooking information for these products.

Primarily, smokehouse producers are looking for shrinkage and ideal cook times/heats.

These smokers technically cook the products to an extent. Because of this, some of the fat and moisture inside the meat will render and be lost, causing the product to lose weight.

Knowing these weights allows the producers to adjust their cooking to prevent over-shrinking. They can optimize their cooking/smoking process to best cook the product while retaining an ideal weight.

More weighments can also be taken for unloaded trees to get individual tare weights to ensure that each weighment is accurate. This is where the static multi-cell monorail scale comes in handy.

Because products often have to sit in a smoker for extended periods of time, the monorail scale does not receive heavy traffic in comparison to other meat production facilities.

For this reason, a static scale works very well because it doesn’t need to be in-motion to keep up with product flow, and it gives a very accurate weight.

Trolleys for trees have varying setups as well. Some have more than one trolley wheel, which can cause difficulties with certain scales, but the balance of two load cells (hence the name multi-cell) eliminates this issue.

The static monorail scale can also be built with varying rail lengths to accommodate trolleys with wider gaps between trolley wheels.

If you are a smokehouse producer/manager looking to get accurate weights and cooking data, you can’t miss with a quality static multi-cell monorail scale.

Static Multi-Cell Monorail Brochure

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Apr 2, 2013

Weigh Up To Two Tons on Static Monorail Scale

Today’s meat-processing operations frequently have the need for high-capacity weighing.

Whole carcasses and smokehouse rail weighing require a robust weighing solution.

monorail scales

Static Monorail Scales

And a one-size-fits-all approach simply will not do in today’s competitive environment.

Among the variables to consider are the capacity of the scale and the length of the live rail. If your heaviest carcass tops out at 1,500 lbs, then you should consider a scale with a 2,000 lb capacity. That way you will be able to take weighments with much greater precision.

A 2,000 lb capacity that is set up for 5,000 divisions will give you a sensitivity of 0.5 lbs.  But, if you were to specify that your scale have a 4,000 lb capacity and 5,000 divisions your sensitivity would be 1.0 lbs.  That is exactly half.

By taking the time to make sure you specify the right capacity will give you better information and therefore better control over your processes.

The next variable to consider is the length of the live rail.  This is a specification that can save some money at the time of purchase.

If you need the scale to weigh one hook or one trolley at a time, you would probably be well-served with a 12” live rail.

As the length of the live rail increases, the cost of the scale goes up.  The price difference between a 12” live rail and a 48” live rail can be significant.

But if your smokehouse trees have double hooks, or if you want to weigh multiple trolleys or hooks simultaneously the additional cost for a wider live rail will be money well-spent.

The Static Multi-Cell Monorail scale we manufacture is available in capacities ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 lbs and live rail lengths that are priced in 6” increments, starting at 12” and going all the way up to 48”.

While not NTEP approved as a Legal For Trade scale, it is manufactured with stainless steel and is sealed for use in harsh operating environments.

Static Monorail Scale Brochure

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Mar 29, 2013

Static Monorail Scales for Smaller Operations

Many meat production plants, slaughterhouses, and butchers use various forms of monorail systems to convey carcasses from place to place, so it should come as no shock that monorail scales come in several varieties as well.

monorail scales

Static Monorail Scales

One of these monorail scales is the Static Single-cell monorail scale.

You might wonder why you would bother using a static monorail when you could have an in-motion scale, but there are a handful of scenarios where having a static monorail scale would prove invaluable.

One scenario would be the case of the local butcher shop.

It is unlikely that your local butcher is going to have a powered monorail system, so an in-motion scale wouldn’t be very feasible.

This scale gives him accurate readings and is ideal for low volume purposes.

If the butcher needs to check the weight of incoming animals, this would make an excellent complement to the business.

It becomes necessary to check your NTEP-approved in-motion monorail scales for calibration from time to time to ensure that they are running at peak performance.

A static monorail scale is perfect for this operation.

Instead of the costly process of removing a test animal/weight from the rail to weigh on a deck scale, this lets you install a rail-around area to the side.

You can divert the test specimen away from the main rail to this side area where the static scale can accurately measure it to ensure that it matches up with your in-motion scale.

Our static single-cell monorail scale comes in various capacities up to 1,000 lbs, so they might not be able to handle the heaviest of bulls, but they can easily handle most carcasses that you would use this particular scale for.

If you have a problem which might be solved by using this static monorail scale, contact us and we’ll set you up with the right product.

Static Monorail Scale Brochure

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