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Apr 10, 2013

How To Update an Electronic Single Loadcell Static Monorail Scale

Static Monorail Scales

Static Monorail Scales

As with everything, it takes a little time, effort, and a few dollars.

It’s really quite a simple undertaking. It requires the removal of a short section of the existing rail in the desired location, and subsequent installation of the new Electronic Load Cell Scale.

The NTEP certified (Legal-for-trade) scale, manufactured by the company I work for, simply requires removal 18 inches of existing rail in the desired location.

monorail scale

You should give consideration to these items in scale positioning:

  1. Structural and stability support of the rail in the area desired
  2. Space or area for desired activity and movement around the scale area
  3. Electrical power and desired indicator location

You or your installer would then weld the scale into that 18 inch section selected.

With the VBS Static Monorail, there is a 3 inch “live weight” dimpled section of rail attached directly to the load cell.

The small dimple, or indentation in that section allows for the supported trolley to quickly stabilize and provide a quick and accurate weighment.

In addition to simply welding the 18 inch rail section in place, additional structural support brackets should be added from the scale to the wall or ceiling to preclude any possibility of twisting or warping type of movement.

A note of CAUTION here, is to never have the electronic indicator hooked up to the loadcell, plugged in, or grounded when welding on the monorail.

Keep all loadcell wires separate and apart from each other as well when welding.  Mistakes here can destroy the load cell and or the Indicator.

You should select a Static Monorail Scale based on rugged design for harsh environment, high accuracy, and simple maintenance.

A less expensive epoxy painted scale may be ample for your need, but if you have a highly corrosive environment, you may wish to consider the advantage of stainless steel for greatest durability.

Just because an older beam scale is still functional, you may wish to give consideration to greater weighment accuracy and time efficiency.

In the world today, these two items alone can offset and rationalize the the cost of moving forward and updating to a new electronic static monorail scale.

Static Monorail Scale Brochure

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See our Stainless Steel Static Monorail Scale

Apr 3, 2013

Quality Static Monorail Scale To Weigh Heavy Carcasses

What is a quality static monorail scale that is available to grab a heavy carcass check weight?

One such selection is the Stainless Steel Multi-Cell Static Monorail Scale.

Regardless of the size of a meat-processing operation, this scale provides an accurate check weight when a trolley is steadily positioned on the live weight rail.

This scale provides for capacities of 1,000 lb to 4,000 lb and features 5,000 divisions.

The unique construction of this scale is centered on a six inch welded steel tube providing structural stability for the on and off transition rails, as well as two load cells which enable the suspended flotation of the weighment rail, often referred to as the “Live” rail.

Depending on your need and desire, this scale is available with a live rail of either, 18 inches, 24 inches, 36 inches, or even 48 inches in length.

For operations desiring to get a combined weight from two carcass trolleys at the same time, the double rail scale exists.

It provides two individual 18 inch live rails in succession (single file) functioning as one, in one complete tubular assembly.

The load cells of the scale are connected via watertight access points to an internal junction board.

The environmentally isolated junction and summing board is thus encapsulated at one end of the tube and is yet easily accessed for change or adjustment through a sealed access panel.

monorail scale

Multi-cell Static Monorail

The entire scale assembly is designed for easy installation and maintenance should it be necessary.

Installation consists of removing an applicable section of the existing three inch rail, and welding the transition rail ends in place.

Additional support brackets are then installed to prevent warping from side movement.

The scale wiring access to the rugged environmentally safe tube assembly is via adjustable portals commonly referred to as wood heads.

The cable from the junction board, commonly referred to as the Home Run cable, then provides the detected measurement to the indicator for display.

Here again, user friendliness rules as the indicator use is not proprietary, meaning it will interface with any indicator capable of 5,000 divisions.

The multi-cell static monorail scale is versatile for use with either individual carcass weighment, or even smokehouse trees for product shrink realization.

Static Monorail Scale Brochure

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Apr 3, 2013

Static Monorail Scales for Your Business

The uses for a static rail scale are many when you start thinking about it.

monorail scales

Static Monorail Scales

If you have an item running on a track or a rail, you can more than likely get an accurate weight anywhere you need it.

Static rail scales can be designed to weigh almost anything.

The current scale we build is “Legal For Trade” (NTEP) up to 1000 lbs. in 0.2 of a lb. divisions.

Non-legal for trade scales can be built to weigh up to 2,000 lbs.

The scale is easily installed by cutting 18” out of your rail and welding it into place.

A variety of indicators can be used in conjunction with the static scale. The indicators are the versatile part of the equation.

Let’s say you just need to see a weight; No problem, it can easily be displayed with a simple indicator.

What if you need the weight recorded and printed, that can be done with a printer attached to an indicator.

If you need the weight sent to a database for recording, this can be done as well.

Indicators are available to accommodate any need you may have and really it is the indicator that enhances the results of the scale.

The static scales are designed to be used in very harsh environments. It is built using a sealed, single cell load cell that is inexpensive and easily changed out. The scales come in either stainless steel or a painted model.

The scale has a dipped center so the trolley has a place to settle while the weight is being captured.

What are some of the uses you may ask?

  • Kill facilities where a static NTEP scale is needed to prove the In-Motion rail scale performance
  • Locker plants needing NTEP individual carcass weights
  • Line plant needing weight on individual components
  • Manufacturing facilities weighing incoming material
  • Smokehouse plants, etc…

If you have a line or rail that you are running material or product down, and you need a weight, a static scale, or possibly a custom-made scale is the answer.

Static Monorail Scale Brochure

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Apr 2, 2013

Static Monorail Scales: A Near Universal Need

Large highly-automated plants and small meat lockers have something in common. Both have a need for a static monorail scales.

For small operations without a moving chain, the static monorail scale will take almost all of the carcass weighments.

in motion monorail scale

Static Monorail Scale

And the large facilities that slaughter hundreds or even thousands of head each day still need a static monorail for rail out weighments and for a quality control testing aid.

When it comes time to choose a static monorail scale, here are the most important questions to consider:

  1. Does the scale need to be Legal For Trade?
  2. Does it need to be stainless steel?
  3. What capacity should you choose?

First, whether or not your static monorail scale needs to be Legal For Trade is determined by whether or not you are buying or selling based on the weights.

If the answer is yes, then your scale must be NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) certified as Legal For Trade.

Your next decision should focus on the materials used in the construction of your static rail scale.

Our Single Cell Static Monorail scale is NTEP certified as Legal For Trade and comes in either a 500 lb capacity or a 1,000 lb capacity version.

NTEP certification limits the scale to 5,000 divisions.

Therefore, you get twice the sensitivity with a 500 lb capacity than with the 1,000 lb scale.

So, do not automatically choose the 1,000 lb scale just for the greater capacity if you do not weigh carcasses in excess of 500 lbs.

Static Monorail Scale Brochure

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Apr 2, 2013

The Benefit of a Multi-Cell Static Monorail Scale

We often promote our WeighMore® High Accuracy In-Motion Monorail Scale because it is a quality product, but that doesn’t mean that static scales aren’t important as well. Many operations have use for static weighing in their plants.

The multi-cell static monorail scale is built to be solid and durable while still providing ideal accuracy.

Static Multi-cell Monorail Scale

Static Multi-cell Monorail Scale

Composed almost entirely of stainless steel components, the scale is composed of a live rail, two load cells, and a strong stainless steel tube which houses various components.

We make these stainless steel tubes to house the summation board and electronic junctions for the load cells and to provide a base which the other parts of the system can be welded onto without causing excessive warping.

The load cells are mounted on either end of the live rail and each has a short cable that runs into the tube.

These cables run through special strain reliefs which allow the tube to remain sealed and watertight to protect the components inside from the environment.

These internals can still be serviced or inspected through access plates on either end of the tube.

The scale can be made with custom requirements in mind, depending on your application.

We can make things with as small as a 1 ft. rail up to 4 ft. In terms of capacity, the scale can be made for capacities from 1000 lbs all the way to 4000 lbs. Meeting these specifications allows it to be useful in some unique circumstances.

For example, they can be used to verify and calibrate in-motion monorail scales by diverting a product to a rail-off area.

They also are very helpful in smokehouses where having an in-motion scale isn’t as necessary because the products sit in one location (the smoker) for a fair amount of time.

It is also helpful to have the possibility of an extended rail in a smokehouse because certain smokehouse trees might hang from multiple trolleys that all need to be able to fit on the scale at once.

The applications don’t stop there though, so if you have a monorail setup in your plant and see any sort need for static weighments, then this scale is probably your best bet!

Static Monorail Scale Brochure

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