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Feb 11, 2013

Finding A method of Grading, Sorting, and Classifying Your Product

In the world of grading/sorting/classifying systems, it’s all about time efficiency and accuracy in the food industry.

Such systems can be designed for use with raw, cooked, or packaged materials.

Sorting & Grading System

Sorting/Grading System

With these systems you have the ability to sort almost anything.

These systems may consist of several conveyors and drop or sort locations based on various criteria.

In the area of food, people normally make a grade determination based on origination criteria as well as specific characteristics identified in the production process.

The product is then placed on the appropriate conveyor, and efficiency becomes the name of the game.

With our system, an in-feed conveyor relays the product to a highly accurate in-motion scale. According to predefined weight classifications and the selected divert parameters, the product is moved to the encoded distance of the associated divert or sort location.

UHMW arms are the standard for our in-motion divert locations.

Swing Arm Divert

UHMW Swing Arm Divert

The diverts can be either push, pull, or gate style.  Product can be diverted to bins, totes, or pack off stations for appropriate packaging.

The availability of live report data and configuration control, enable operators to change a divert, or shut off a divert location according to a specified capacity.

Obviously, there are many avenues of information and process which can be achieved through such a sorting and classifying system.

If you desire an efficient way to sort and track your product through processing, consider our system!

Sorting & Classifying Brochure

Download our PDF Brochure

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