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Apr 2, 2013

Where’s The Beef Shackle Scale

With average beef carcass weights typically running 800 to 1,300 pounds, very few companies offer an in-motion monorail scale in those capacities.

shackle scale

Heavy Duty Shackle Scale


Perhaps only one of them offers a scale that is truly up to the task.  A recent internet search I conducted gave the following results for automatic overhead beef carcass rail scales:

Company A:  1,000 lb capacity (American-based company)

Company B:  1,200 lb capacity (Canadian-based company)

Company C:  3,000 lb capacity (German-based company)

Company D: 4,500 lb capacity (American-based company)

The scales offered by both Company A and Company B would seem to be at risk of failing even in the normal course of weighing average beef carcasses.

Each 1,300 pound carcass would produce a no-read for exceeding the scale capacity.

Company C has the capacity to handle carcasses at the upper end of today’s averages.

So why is there a company offering the same type of product with an additional 50 percent capacity?

It is as simple as this: indexing pin failure.

While not an everyday occurrence, it does happen.  And when it does, how long would it take for two, three, or even four whole beef carcasses to suddenly hang from the in-motion monorail/shackle scale?

Three 800 pound carcasses and one 1,000 pound carcass would immediately exceed the capacity of Company C’s scale.

Those same four carcasses on Company D’s scale would leave 1,100 pounds of un-used capacity.  Now that’s peace of mind.  Over a half ton of peace of mind.

Additionally, Company D’s scale has a patented transition rail that gradually lowers the load from the dead rail onto the live rail section of the scale.  This virtually eliminates shock loading for more accurate in-motion weighing.

Vande Berg Scales is Company D and the model that is being compared to the other companies is the WeighMore® Heavy Duty In-Motion Shackle Scale.

Heavy Duty Shackle Scale

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Apr 2, 2013

Shackle Scales for Individual Live Weights

Our high accuracy shackle monorail scale is used in a variety of different applications for cattle, but when it comes to getting the weight before any processing, a shackle scale is the way to go.

shackle scale

Heavy Duty Shackle Scale

The shackle scale is a heavy duty alternative to the trolley monorail scale, which allows for handling of cattle and other heavy products before being cut down or drained of blood.

There are several reasons that a live (or just-dead) weight is good to have for a producer.

When bringing in new, possibly unfamiliar breeds of cattle it is helpful to be able to independently weigh the cattle to form a genetics database.

This differs from standard practice where the cattle are weighed in a group and the average is taken.

You can imagine that this could give you an inaccurate weight if, for example, you had an even distribution of cattle weighing 800 or 1200 pounds. The average would be 1000 pounds which is significantly different in terms of meat production from either of the other weights.

Cattle can often surpass the weighing capacity and structural integrity of the regular trolley monorail scale, which makes it necessary for something more tough and stable under those conditions.

The shackle scale has a capacity several times larger than the HA monorail scale, while still retaining acceptable division sizes.

For certain packing plants, this is even more helpful when more of the animal is being used.

For plants who make use of the various parts like the hide, the blood, and offal products, this scale would assist packers to accurately track yield by individual animal.

This lets them accurately gauge their producer’s performance.

This full weight can easily be paired to a specific carcass or product through products like Trolley Vision® for the best information tracking.

Heavy Duty Shackle Scale

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Apr 2, 2013

In-Motion Shackle Scales

Our in-motion monorail scale is used to move around carcasses for a large variety of different products, but there are certain carcasses that take a little extra something.

shackle scale

Heavy Duty Shackle Scale

Think of a beef plant.

You can often use a high accuracy in-motion monorail scale to weigh a side of beef, but weighing a whole cow would become a difficulty.

Fully-matured beef cattle can often weigh more than 1000 lbs (varying with the breed), which exceeds the ideal range for the HA monorail scale, but the weight of a whole beef is still useful, so how do you weigh it? The answer to this issue is an in-motion shackle scale.

In simple terms, the shackle scale is just a heavy duty version of our monorail scale.

It uses all of the same ingenious features to get an accurate weight which is important.

This shackle scale allows you to get a start weight before the cattle have been bled or butchered in any way, so that it is a true weight of the entire animal.

Having a good start weight allows producers to know how accurately and efficiently each animal is being harvested.

Producers who don’t have this type of scale often have to assume a start weight for cattle based on averages, which isn’t particularly effective because the size of cattle can vary within a single lot or group of cattle.

This can possibly throw your production numbers way off.

The only other solution is to weigh the cattle one-by-one on a floor scale, but this isn’t a very effective method because it requires more time and hampers work flow.

The shackle scale is the only efficient alternative to these costly choices.

Using our shackle scales, you can know that you will still have all of the features that make our HA Monorail Scale accurate.

This includes the transition rails and the side dog chain that provide the monorail scale with measurement stability.

If you are having issues and numbers aren’t adding up right when it comes to yield percentages, then a shackle scale is definitely your best option.

Heavy Duty Shackle Scale

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