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Apr 6, 2013

Are all In-Motion Monorail Scales created equal?

When comparing the In-Motion Monorail Scales on the market today, one has to consider if they are all equal, but what do you look for?

One of the first things to consider is the make of the unit. Is it stainless steel or is it a painted unit?

High Accuracy In-Motion Monorail

High Accuracy In-Motion Monorail

Both have their place in the market but what are the conditions in your plant?

Stainless steel has became the unit of choice in the industry, however if your application is in a dry area without caustic chemicals, a painted unit may do you just fine.

The next thing to look at may be the speed needed to do the job.

Chains are running faster and faster every day.

You need a unit that will meet and exceed these speeds and still be a “Legal for Trade” unit.

You may ask “What is the legal speed of the scale I am looking at?”

All you need to do is go to for the “National Type Evaluation Program” (NTEP) web page ( and do a search for the rating of the scale. Check how many weighments per hour the unit is legally certified to do.

What capacity (weight of item being weighed) is needed on your scale?

Again, check the NTEP certificate to see how many pounds the scale is approved at.

What trade increment size do you need as opposed to display divisions ?

All of this can be found at the NTEP web site.

in motion monorail scale

Depending on your line speed and the accuracy needed from the scale, you may want to look at how the scale is designed.

Is the scale being shock loaded as the item is being weighed or is it being transitioned onto the scale?

Think about this, if you step onto a bathroom scale really fast, what does the indicator do? It bounces all over the place, high then low and a little less each time until it settles out to your weight.

If you gradually put your weight on the same scale, you get your weight a lot sooner.

Our In Motion Monorail Scale transitions the weight gradually onto the live rail giving you an accurate weight a lot faster which converts to a more accurate weight dynamically.

Finally, be sure that the scale you are looking at will adapt to the method in which you are conveying your items.

What type of rail are you using?

Will the new scale adapt to that style of rail?

If you check out the above items before you buy, you will end up with an In-Motion Monorail scale that meets and exceeds your needs!

High Accuracy Monorail Scale Brochure

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Feb 22, 2013

Why Choose WeighMore® Stainless Steel Monorail Scales

Slaughter plants can solve inaccurate and unreliable monorail scale weight readings through the use of a WeighMore® stainless steel high accuracy in-motion monorail scale.

in motion monorail scale

High Accuracy In-motion Monorail Scale

Most in-motion monorail scale systems start out great.  The readings you get are fairly accurate and somewhat reliable. However, as the system becomes more subjected to your production runs and daily cleaning routines, that reliability and accuracy begins to fade. It is at this point that you begin searching for a better in-motion monorail scale.

So Why choose a WeighMore® stainless steel in-motion monorail scale?

  • They are highly accurate monorail scales that will help you improve your carcass weight readings, saving you on carcass costs; they will increase your profits per carcass
  • They are dependable and reliable when properly serviced and maintained; they will give you many years of dependable and reliable use
  • They will stand up to the abuse you put them through
  • Stainless steel resists rust and bacteria

WeighMore® high accuracy in-motion stainless steel monorail scales are designed to be a better monorail scale. They are built to be rugged and tough and will fit right into your plant’s monorail system. WeighMore® in-motion monorail scales are built to stand up to your plant’s regular cleaning requirements. The scale is wash-down rated and the stainless steel will hold up to caustic cleaners. If you follow the proper maintenance requirements of this monorail scale, you will get years of reliable and dependable use and not have to worry about when to replace the scale.

High Accuracy Monorail Scale Brochure

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Jan 6, 2013

The Patented Transition Rail: Speed & Sensitivity In Monorail Scales

There is a reason that our High Accuracy In-Motion Monorail scale gives you more capacity, faster chain speeds, AND the smallest division size available!

This amazing performance is made possible by the patented transition rail. (US: RE 38,233E / CA: 2229237)

When the live section of an in-motion monorail scale is shock-loaded, vibration is sent through the entire scale system.

To visualize this phenomenon think of what happens when you first jump onto a trampoline. Your body shock-loaded the trampoline and the resulting oscillation requires time to settle down.

That is essentially what happens when a trolley suddenly rolls from a dead rail directly onto the live section of a scale.

Although it is not visible to the human eye, the trolley wheel “bounces” as it rolls along the live rail, sending an oscillating signal to the weight indicator.

in motion monorail scale

High Accuracy In-motion Monorail Scale

All that vibration greatly shortens the available weighment averaging time and also increases the amount of filtering required to give a weight reading.

Learn how our patented transition rail can increase your profitability!

Our patented transition rail eliminates most of that loading vibration, greatly increasing the amount of space available for weighment averaging without filtering.  Less filtering and more time for averaging results in faster chain speeds (up to 2,150 drafts per hour) and more precision (0.2 lb increments compared to 0.5 lb for most competitors’ systems).

Take all that performance and add stainless steel construction, sealed load cells enclosed in a steel tube to repel moisture, and you’ve got an in-motion monorail scale that is designed and built to give you years of reliable service!

High Accuracy Monorail Scale Brochure

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