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Mar 16, 2013

Two Product Categories; One Checkweigher

Many food plants today have at least one production area that makes products of vastly different weight ranges from one shift to another.

in-motion checkweigher

In-Motion Checkweigher with Alarm Light and Diverter

For example, a plant might package individual servings of a product in the morning and then fill bulk boxes of the same product in the afternoon.

The package with the small portions would likely be one, two, or even three pounds.  Let’s say the bulk product boxes weigh 25 pounds.

In-motion check weighing both sets of products presents some dilemmas.

Should you get one checkweigher for both products? Should you get two completely separate units and shuttle them in and out of your line? Let’s rule out the two separate in-motion checkweighers right away.

Sensitive in-motion scales should not be treated like pieces in a board game to be moved around for strategic gain.  All that jockeying will take a toll on the scale.  And there is nothing practical about having an unused piece of equipment taking up floor space.

In Motion Checkweigher with infeed conveyor

In-Motion Checkweigher with Infeed Conveyor, Outfeed Conveyor and Divert Mechanism

But running both sets of products over the same load cell presents another problem.

The load cell would have to be specified to be able to handle the heavier product. That means you would face an unacceptable loss of sensitivity in check weighing the lighter product.

Here’s why.

In order for your in-motion checkweigher to be legal-for-trade, NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) limits our scale to 2,000 divisions.

That means an in-motion checkweigher with a 30-lb capacity would be able to give you readings of plus or minus 0.02 lbs, with required rounding. You would not want to settle for that level of sensitivity for your individual serving size packages.

That’s because an in-motion checkweigher with a five pound capacity would give you plus or minus 0.005 lbs. The ideal solution in this situation is our dual-lane in-motion checkweigher.

With one lane set up with a 30-lb capacity and the other lane at five pounds will save money, time, and space over two separate checkweighers and at the same time, you will minimize product give-away and maximize your profits.


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Mar 1, 2013

How You Can Save Time and Money with a Multi-Lane Checkweigher Scale

Does your company have multiple products that need to be check-weighed? Do you wish you could cut costs and save time by speeding up production?

If so, In-Motion Checkweigher Scales may be the perfect fit for you!

Our WeighMore® In-Motion Dual Lane Checkweigher Scale has two scales and can efficiently weigh products from two separate lanes.  This food grade checkweigher scale gives your company fast and efficient outputs in half the time. WeighMore® Checkweigher Scales easily handle multiple products.  Our checkweigher scale can separate products from a single lane and reroute them over each of it’s multiple scales.  Dual lane and three lane checkweigher scales easily group products according to your specifications and quickly remove products that are off weight.

In Motion Checkweigher

3-Lane In-motion checkweigher verifying hamburger patty weights

Checkweigher scales are typically made of high quality stainless steel.  They are produced with food safety and durability in mind.

Our customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority and we always manufacture our products to be number one in service, speed, and reliability.Our divert system is top-of-the-line and can be fitted for the most efficient method for your product needs.  We can divert products separately or simultaneously using drop downs or by pushing a product to the side with pull off arms or kicker gates.

All of our checkweigher scales are manufactured to handle almost any product at extremely high speeds.  Our food-grade scales handle packaged products as well as raw or unpackaged products with ease.

Our checkweigher scales are highly accurate and will provide flawless results every time.  Our scales can be configured in an NTEP and Measurements Canada-approved design, if desired.  We also include a unique serial number on each of our checkweigher scales.  These serial numbers help your company save time when ordering replacement parts, upgrading your checkweigher scale, or requesting detailed information about your product.

In-Motion Checkweigher with Alarm Light

In-Motion Checkweigher with Alarm Light and Reject Mechanism

WeighMore® food-grade checkweigher scales ensure that all of your plant’s products comply with legal specifications regarding pack weights.  You can rest easy knowing that our checkweigher scales are accurately measuring your product’s weight and eliminating any products that are either underweight or overweight.

We want to be the first choice for your automated measuring needs!  This is why we strive to be number one in the technology and design of our food-grade checkweigher scales.  Our motto is “One Source For All Your Measuring Needs.”

Download our PDF Brochure

Download our PDF Brochure

Our food-grade checkweigher scales can double or triple your product line speeds, saving you time by weighing multiple products for the cost of a single machine.
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Jan 18, 2013

Reasons To Choose A Food Grade Checkweigher

When you stop to think about it, a Food-Grade Checkweigher Scale is not much different than a standard checkweigher scale, but it is built to direct food contact standards.

in-motion checkweigher

In-Motion Checkweigher with Alarm Light and Diverter

The most noticeable differences of food-grade checkweigher scales are:

  • Food-grade checkweigher scales are built from rugged, durable stainless steel
  • Food-grade checkweighers use sanitary parts that are wash-down compliant
  • The belting used passes direct food contact requirements.
  • Go Green, stainless steel is sustainable and lessens the impact on the environment (see report)

So what are the benefits of a food-grade checkweigher scale built with stainless steel?

They are checkweigher scales designed to meet food-grade standards. This means they are robustly constructed and precision engineered to provide you high levels of speed, accuracy, durability and ease of use. A stainless steel food-grade checkweigher scale gives your plant the look of a clean safe work environment. The standards for food safety are much higher so you know you will be getting a long lasting food-grade checkweigher scale built to withstand rugged use.

In Motion Checkweigher with infeed conveyor

In-Motion Checkweigher with Infeed Conveyor, Outfeed Conveyor and Divert Mechanism

So why justify the extra cost?

When comparing benefits, features, and ROI the extra cost for you to purchase a food-grade checkweigher scale becomes very minimal. Because they are easy-to-clean, durable, and rugged not only will they last longer, but this also means less downtime and faster turnaround on parts. Another added benefit is stainless steel is sustainable and can be recycled when the checkweigher scale outlives its usefulness.

Things to Consider

  • If you are not purchasing food-grade checkweigher scales, you are missing out on a great ROI tool for your plant that is durable and will outlast mild steel checkweighers.
  • Food-grade checkweigher scales are designed and built using higher standards because they have to meet stringent requirements.
  • When comparing apples to oranges, food-grade checkweighers will meet and exceed your budget over the long haul.
In-Motion Checkweigher Brochure

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Jan 16, 2013

In-Motion Checkweigher Scales Vs. Bench Scales


Checkweigher scales can be a vital tool to your processing floors bottom line.

You don’t want to be giving away free product, sending out packages with missing product, or have inspections find that you are sending out underweight product.  These are just some of the reasons a good checkweigher scale is as important to your plants bottom line as labor costs are.

Either of these scenarios can give a plant manager a headache.

This is why installing a good checkweighing scale will assure that:

  • You are not giving away free product
  • You are not sending out underweight product
  • Your product is packaged correctly

Which checkweigher scale really gives you the best ROI?

But which checkweigher scale will better fit your needs, an in-motion checkweigher scale or a bench type checkweigher scale?

The bench type checkweigher scale is designed for simple manual operations such as checkweighing and piece counting.  These scales can be NTEP approved for various divisions and Legal-for-Trade accurate.

The In-motion checkweigher scale on the other hand is configured to fit right into your production line’s conveyor system and eliminates the need for manual checkweighing of your products. This scale can also be NTEP approved for various divisions and Legal-for-Trade accurate.

The bench scale checkweigher is limited in how you can use it.

  •     It is completely manual
  •     You must manually weigh and inspect all products
  •     You have to manually divert all over or under weight products

An in-motion checkweigher scale can fit all your needs.

  • They are ideal for checkweighing and inspecting at relatively high conveyor speeds
  • Metal detectors and x-ray machines can be added for better inspection results
  • They can automatically divert out of tolerance products to be reworked
  • They can be programmed to report to filling or other processing machines for automatic adjustment without stopping production
  • They can be integrated into your plant’s database and programmed for a variety of reporting functions

The dollars you lose each shift on giveaways or production mistakes can add up over the months.  By just eliminating product from going out the door free you will be able to pay for a new checkweighing scale system in a matter of months.


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