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Jan 13, 2013

Easy-To-Clean™ Conveyors

Conveyors have come a long way since the days they were first designed to move bulky, dirty materials from mines and pits!

conveyor system

Easy-To-Clean Conveyor

Since conveyors are now essential to most food manufacturing facilities we have devoted a tremendous amount of attention to conveyors that help keep food clean and safe.

Our side rails are channeled in shape and feature large openings in the channel to facilitate vigorous cleaning.

To help prevent water from pooling, we are careful to ‘under-bend’ angles to less than 90 degrees. 

easy to clean conveyor

Easy-to-clean Conveyor

Optional lift-able ends allow cleaning crews to easily slacken the belt and open up the conveyor to inspect for cleanliness.

A sprayer attachment that cleans sprockets while the conveyor is running is a popular option.

Imagine the improvement in your sanitation program that come from having spray nozzles aimed directly at your conveyor sprockets!

Not only do we offer USDA-approved materials for food grade conveyors, including modular plastic belting, but we can also go the extra mile by building conveyors with homogenous thermoplastic belting.

These last two approaches have been very successful in a number of direct food contact applications, including transporting food up steep inclines at high throughput levels.

When the incline conveyor is handling food that is slightly sticky, such as bacon bits or sliced pepperoni, our customers usually specify homogenous thermoplastic belting with one seam.

When the requirement is to transport an emulsified food item with higher levels of moisture content, we recommend a seamless belt.

The key to getting the right conveyors for your plant is to choose quality first, then customize your conveyors with the features and options that allow you to reach your production goals without compromising cleanliness or safety!

Easy-to-Clean Conveyors Brochure

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