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Apr 20, 2013

Easy-To-Clean™ Clean In Place Conveyor Systems

Reduce Cleaning Times With Easy-To-Clean™ Conveyor Systems

Easy-to-clean™ Conveyor Systems give your food processing operations the cleanliness you need to maintain sanitary conditions, prevent contamination and illnesses.

easy to clean conveyor

Easy-to-Clean Conveyor with Open Frame Design

Engineered for clean-in-place applications, our Easy-to-clean™ Conveyors are built out of stainless steel and have an open channel design to help prevent water or moisture from accumulating.

food grade conveyor

Food Grade Conveyor with modular Plastic Belting

The open design of the side rails of our conveyors allows for very accessible cleaning of the inside of our food grade conveyors. We also employ the use of our specially engineered belt lifters that enable conveyor belts to be opens and cleaned while the conveyor is running.

The ability to clean the conveyors while running allows less time to do the same job. Your conveyor belt doesn’t need to be broken down for a thorough cleaning. Now, take a wrench to the belt lifters, and with a simple quarter turn, the conveyor is open and available for high pressure washdown.

Another sanitary feature our conveyors possess is the fashion in which we build them. Our Easy-To-Clean™ conveyors are manufactured in a way that virtually eliminates standing water as they are at angles in which gravity will allow water to run off and not pool.

Easy-to-Clean Conveyors Brochure

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Apr 5, 2013

Decreasing Wear With Easy-To-Clean™ Conveyors

To meet cleaning standards, many plants are forced to remove the belting from their conveyors just to have cleaning access to all of the necessary components. Not only is this inefficient, it can also cause you a lot of headaches when everything is put back together.

conveyor system

Easy-To-Clean Conveyor

One particular problem that can occur is incorrect alignment between sprockets on the drive and the conveyor’s belting.

When cleaning is done and the belting is placed back on the conveyor, the belting needs to be aligned so that the sprocket contacts it the right way. If the conveyor is run while the two are misaligned, it can cause a failure or breakage in these components.

Not only is this problem a waste of time, it is also a waste of money because you have to spend a lot for the replacement parts and labor.

Our solution to this problem is to have a system that allows you to clean without removing the belt at all.

Easy-To-Clean™ conveyors are packed with cleaning-oriented features. Optional lift-up ends and belt lifters allow you to raise the belting via a crank to access the important components inside the conveyor without entirely removing the belt.

The side channels of the conveyor have large openings that provide even more washing access without compromising the stainless steel integrity.

On top of that all of the structural pieces are bent to be slightly unleveled, which prevents any flat, level surfaces where water or contaminants could pool up.

Spacers are used at all joints to make sure there aren’t any tight gaps where microbial contaminants can gather.

If you need even more cleaning capability, spray bars can be installed near key cleaning points. They allow you to automatically rinse a specific area that may be difficult to get at with an external sprayer.

If you have troubles with broken belts or sprockets after cleaning, it is definitely worth your time to look into an Easy-To-Clean™ system.

It will last longer and minimize cleaning costs all at once!

Easy-to-Clean Conveyors Brochure

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Easy to Clean Food Grade Conveyors

Apr 5, 2013

Washdown Conveyor Systems

A conveyor is a type of material handling equipment that helps in moving products, packages, foods or equipment from one area of the plant to another.  Conveyors are used to improve plant efficiency.

conveyor system

Because conveyors move such a broad range of items, different conveyor configurations are available to meet the material handling needs of the manufacturer and there many different industries.

Belt conveyors are the most common, followed by, roller conveyors, spiral conveyors, chain conveyors, overhead conveyors, vertical conveyors and conveyor systems, which may use combinations of many different conveyor types.

Conveyors can be made for wet and dry, hot and cold production facilities.

Where unpackaged food comes in direct contact on a conveyor that conveyor needs to meet sanitary requirements.

For example, a conveyor in a meat plant needs to be built usually out of 304 stainless steel and depending on the application 12 gauge strength, and manufactured in such a way to keep areas free from bacteria.

No crevices or jagged edges where bacteria can hide.

The conveyor legs should be built using stainless steel angle to prevent raw product from being trapped inside a hollow leg during clean up.

The conveyor must be built strong enough to with stand high pressure water; it must also stand up to temperature extremes, including caustic chemicals that are part of standard harsh washdown regiments necessary in the meat industry.

A washdown conveyor is just one example, there are many such examples of conveyors that are built to meet the different industry demands.

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Easy-to-Clean Conveyors Brochure

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Jan 21, 2013

6 Ways Food Grade Conveyors Work For Your Plant

In a well managed plant, a food grade conveyor is designed to control common elements or tasks such as: space, safety, product handling, and maintenance.  A well designed in motion food grade conveyor will reflect a processors’ need for safety and sanitation, keep maintenance at a minimum, promote product integrity, and at the same time reduce down-time and waste.

easy to clean conveyors_01

Food grade conveyors are designed to move any raw product, ingredient, ready-to-eat, or finished packaged product down your plant’s production lines.  Here are 6 ways in motion food grade conveyors can work for your plant:

Safety and sanitation: in motion food grade conveyors mean fast cleaning and are designed with safety and sanitation features that protect your product and personnel.

easy to clean conveyor

Reduce maintenance and down-time: labor saving maintenance and cleaning steps are implemented into in motion food grade conveyors to reduce costs and downtime.

Preserves product integrity: in motion food grade conveyors promote the gentle handling of your product in order to enhance quality and reduce waste.

ROI: If you are looking for space saving equipment designed for faster installation, easier maintenance, and labor saving performance that gives you the ability to do more with less, an in motion food grade conveyor is what you need!

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Jan 20, 2013

Top 10 Tips for Choosing Easy-To-Clean Conveyor Systems

No matter what industry you are in when looking for an easy-to-clean conveyor system, you should consider these tips from the food industry.

Cost: you need to know why an easy-to-clean conveyor system is right for your sanitary food environment or clean room. Once you understand the ‘why,’ then you will be able to evaluate how installing the right easy-to-clean conveyor system can dramatically improve your productivity and decrease your cost of ownership.

Flexibility: your production needs changed regularly. Be sure that the easy-to-clean conveyor system you are considering is configurable and can be upgraded as your needs change. In other words, how flexible is the system and can it be easily upgraded at little cost?

conveyor system

Easy-To-Clean Conveyor

Wash-down requirements: be certain that all points on the easy-to-clean conveyor system are easily accessible and meet your cleaning requirements. Exposed threads, stainless steel angle design and belt lifters are some of the features to consider when you choose the right easy-to-clean conveyor system.

Specifications: be clear that the easy-to-clean conveyor system fits your needs.  Make certain the size and speed of the conveyor system are right for your application.

Stainless Steel: stainless steel is applicable for most food safety and clean room requirements.

Inspections: Food safety and clean room are two of the most regulated industries, a quality built easy-to-clean conveyor system will pass most of your state’s and federal government’s requirements.

Maintenance: requires that the belts be easily accessible and removable as well as the motors. Replacement parts can make or break your downtime reports. Make sure of quick turnaround times.

Choice of belting: be cautious when choosing the belting for your easy-to-clean conveyor system. Outdated belts or belts that wear easily eventually break down, costing you extra cleaning and sanitary steps along with additional cleaning supplies and labor hours. By choosing belts that deliver the latest technology, you will save yourself a headache in the long run.

easy to clean conveyor

Modular Plastic Belting makes replacing sections very easy – In addition, cleaning is a breeze.

Sustainability: Stainless steel (see free report) is recyclable and gives you the best ROI when it has outlived its usefulness. A non-bushing 1/3 to 1 hp variable frequency drive (or VFD) wash-down motor is energy efficient and helps your plant ‘go green’ and lessen the impact on the environment.

ROI: know that a quality easy-to-clean conveyor system will deliver for you. They will help reduce labor costs, lower energy consumption; can be flexible and upgradeable at relatively little cost.

Easy-to-Clean Conveyors Brochure

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