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Jan 8, 2013

Continuous Belt Weighing with Conveyor Flow Scales

Continuous Belt Weighing of a certain product can be done and has been done for quite a period of time.

It has been done in the Meat Industry, as well as other Industries for at least the last 10 years; it may fit your needs!

Single Conveyor Flow Scale

Single Conveyor Flow Scale – Measures total bulk or aggregate product weight

Why would you want the gross weight of a certain product that is being produced in your facility?

It could be that you:

  • Want to know the total weight of a certain product being ran down a certain line in a specific period of time
  • Need to know the weight of certain products going different directions
  • Need to know the gross weight going into a line before the product is going down a cut line
  • Want a tool to measure shrink

A flow scale can provide you with an accumulated weight of any product that flows with the exception of liquid materials.

single conveyor flow scale

Conveyor Flow Scale

If it can be ran on a belt, it can give you a weight of total production within a given period of time.

The flow scale is not dependent on spacing, nor does it care if the conveyor is empty for a period of time.

A true flow scale takes weighments at regular intervals, accumulating the weight to give you a total weight reading at any point you need it.

The flow scale is a versatile scale that is extremely reliable.  It can replace stations where you have people gathering static weights for production totals.

It can provide you with accumulated weights to control product movement. It can give you an accurate weight within <0.5% of a total run of product.

These Belt Scales are being used today in a number of different applications.

Do your homework, check out what is available for your specific application and then spend some time thinking about savings and better product control!

Conveyor Flow Scale Brochure

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