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Apr 5, 2013

How can a Discharge System Enhance Filling Weighment of Products?

Sometimes the weighment of products can be sped up by incorporating the method of quickly discharging the product with the product weighment.

net weight filler

Automated Filling Machine

For example, you could have 4 or 6 containers to be filled upon target weights being reached.

A pneumatic control could be activated according to the automated placement of the containers and weight attainment.

The bottom of a weight hopper could be opened for discharge of the product allowing gravity to enable free fall into respective containers.

For this to be successful the product must have characteristics and consistency to allow complete transference.

The product weighment would be inaccurate and useless if substantial residue is left behind.

Stainless steel is commonly the material of choice for efficient weight hoppers.

The sturdy and smooth characteristics are ideal for both food grade and non-food products.

At the opposite end, or beginning of a weighment process, a discharging filling system can provide precision amounts of product entry to the hopper as weight is accumulated.

Initially there may be a high volume of product entering the garner hopper which can then be metered and reduced to a dribble amount as the hopper reaches the target weight.

A programmable weight indicator/controller is used to ensure accurate and repeatable weighment.

Subsequently, it is critical to have consistent, yet controllable product supply for efficient and timely operations.  The consistency of products can sometimes be problematic and introduce operational challenges.

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