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Nov 22, 2013

Statically weighing carcasses from trolleys can sometimes be a difficult task because they don’t want to sit in one place during weighments. Special design consideration must be taken into account when using static monorail scales for this very reason.

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Static Monorail Scale

Our static single cell monorail scale was specifically created to weigh one trolley at a time, and the best weight is given when the trolley is allowed to settle directly in the center of the rail. Typically, the scale rail is only about three inches long because that is all the space necessary to weigh a single trolley at one time.

The combination of a small contact area and a narrow space to center on, makes it very difficult to perfectly center the trolleys without some sort of aid. Because of this issue, we typically make an indentation on the rail at the very center that the trolleys can rest in. This keeps them from moving from side-to-side during weighment, and it centers the trolley on the scale more naturally.

Occasionally, companies prefer a more defined indentation in the rail, so that they don’t jump over the existing indentation. This essentially is not a problem, but if the indentation is expanded too far, it can cause the weighing process to be more of a hassle. A deep indentation would lock the trolley securely into place to be weighed, but it would also make removing it from that divot much more difficult. When doing this, there is also a slight risk that the components of the scale could receive more wear from the shock when the trolley enters and exits the indentation, so our advice is to not expand on it too much.

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The static single cell monorail scale is a helpful tool for weight checking in rail-arounds and small volume operations, but it must be used correctly to ensure the highest accuracies. If you have any static monorail concerns or are looking for an upgrade from an old monorail system, talk to us about the static single cell monorail scale.

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