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Oct 16, 2013

There are quite a few businesses that use monorails to move carcasses through their plant, and monorail scales are a huge benefit to all of them. Monorail scales themselves come in many different forms and models for different situations, but a good monorail scale for any type of business is our static single cell monorail scale.

in motion monorail scale

Static Monorail Scale

The static single cell monorail scale is used primarily in plants that handle beef, pork, lamb, and sometimes veal. Whether these plants are large producers or smaller specialty locker plants, there is most likely a use for something like this.

Static Monorail Scale Video

Large Plants
In large plants, the throughput is often too high to use a static scale as any sort of primary weighment, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t serve a purpose. The static monorail scale makes a good verification scale in a rail-off area.
When a plant needs confirmation that their in-motion monorail scale is working at peak accuracy, they can rail a carcass away from the main monorail and weigh it statically on this scale. This should provide them a highly accurate wait weight by which to judge the calibration of the other scale.

Medium-Sized Plants
In certain plants with lower throughput or without an automatic system, the static monorail scale can be used in a more primary fashion. We have seen some plants use the scale as their main hot scale.
It provides very accurate weighments and can be made out of stainless steel or painted steel, which promises that the strength will be able to stand up to very heavy use.

Small Locker Plants
Some plants don’t have to deal with a very high volume of product. This especially comes up when dealing with very specialized meat or with your average small butcher shop. In a situation like this, a static single cell monorail scale could be the perfect scale for all of their weighments.

A locker plant could be selling a product like deer meat. The carcasses are not terribly heavy and the demand is not as high as beef or pork. A static scale is perfect for this size because they are likely not handling more than one or two carcasses at a time. It can be used for an incoming weight and a hot and cold scale.

A scale does not necessarily have to be automatic to fit a purpose in the meat industry, so if you fit any of these situations, don’t hesitate to contact us about how this particular scale could work for you.

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