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Oct 16, 2013

Cleaning is one ­of the biggest requirements for a lot of food handling equipment, and conveyor systems are no exception. If a conveyor doesn’t facilitate easy cleaning, it can begin to build up with extra food material which can also hurt its functionality.

Especially in cases where meat is being handled, cleaning has to be done carefully. Fat and extra meat can get caught in conveyor belts, but it isn’t always the wisest choice to just spray at the top to get it out. This could just get it stuck even more.


Fortunately, we have a line of Easy-To-Clean™ conveyors that have a whole host of options to help you clean the right way.

These conveyors can be built with flip-up ends, which relax the conveyor belt and belt lifters which raise the belt to allow more cleaning access from the inside. This allows you to blast leftover residue and scraps out from the inside.

conveyor system

Easy-To-Clean Conveyor

The benefit is that you are more likely to remove the excess food by spraying outward. Belt lifters allow  you to clean the belting while the conveyor is still in-motion, saving time and wear on the motor from stopping/starting.

The conveyors also have the option to add a spray bar inside the conveyor. This allows them to self-clean to an extent while the process is running. They most likely won’t eliminate washdown cycles, as a human inspection and cleaning is more precise, but it should make the job far easier.

Options aside, there are plenty of features in the design and construction of the Easy-To-Clean™ conveyors. Like many of our products, it is made of stainless steel so it won’t rust or corrode. The only gaps are large enough to be easily cleaned while smaller gaps are welded continuously so there isn’t any open space. The body is made of angled stainless steel so there are no hollow tubes to collect water and bacteria. We make sure to bend the angles slightly less than 90 degrees in order to give them a slight incline that sheds water.

If you have cleanliness concerns with your current conveyor system, give this one a try. The options for it can be of major benefit, but even without them, this conveyor is a major improvement for washdown-heavy plants.

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