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Oct 16, 2013

With a capacity of 4,500 lbs and a patented design that helps to provide the most accurate in-line weighing of whole beef carcasses, our WeighMore® Heavy Duty In-Motion Shackle Scale is a powerful tool in beef plants across the country.  In order to get the best performance and longest life from your Heavy Duty Shackle Scale, here are a few tips.

shackle scale

In-Motion Shackle Scale

Check the Chain Daily.  The chain tensioners need to move freely and be adjusted so that there is not too much slack in the chain,; but if they are too tight, they will accelerate chain wear.  Check them daily to make sure they are adjusted properly.  While doing that, inspect the chain for wear and missing or broken springs.  Regularly check the fluid level in the chain motor’s gear box.  Add Mobil SHC 630 synthetic bearing and gear oil as needed.  Check the chain to make sure it also is properly lubricated.  A dry chain will wear out far more quickly.  It should be oiled with food machine grade oil or better, based on USDA requirements.

shackle scale

In-Motion Shackle Scale – Rear View

Check Load Cells.  Regularly  The load cells need to be kept free of debris and obstructions.  The best way to ensure that they are is by inspecting them from the ends with a flashlight.  This should be done once a week.  Another preventive maintenance item that should be conducted regularly is photo eye checking and adjusting.  The entrance eye should be positioned so that the carcass weight is at its most stable point on the live rail.  Usually, this is about 5 inches after the transition rail, but that can vary depending on chain speeds.  The exit photo eye should be set to detect the trolley at the very end of the live rail.  Finally, photo eyes are at their peak performance when the red L.E.D. is lit, so adjust them regularly.

Re-torque on a regular basis. First, make sure the load cell bolts are torqued to 118 ft-lbs.  Second, check that the dead rail and the live rail bolts are torqued to 80 – 90 ft-lbs. with thread locking compound. used as a serviceable sealant.

Our in-motion shackle scale is built to be the best.  These ideas will help keep yours that way longer.

In-Motion Shackle Scale Brochure

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