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Apr 2, 2013

The question, “Just how much information do we need?” is asked a lot.

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Heavy Duty Shackle Scale

Packers looking at “Shackle” or “Just Dead” scales are looking at the possibility of adding one more piece of information to the never ending needs of efficiency and profitability.

What will a “Just Dead”, blood in or blood out weight do for you?

It will give you a true measure of yield.

The yield can be caught at different points throughout the kill floor even all the way to exiting the cooler.

What would this data mean to you? The fact that it is an accurate yield has to offer comfort to your data as no assumptions on beginning weight are being made.

Assumptions are just that, they make us assume that a certain carcass had a starting weight of _ _ _ _ #?

What was the weight loss on mud, the hide, blood, bone, etc.?

The shackle scale will take this assumption out of the equation and provide quality data.

The shackle scale is a totally different scale than the monorail scale; it is the “bigger” brother of the in-motion monorail scales.

The scale has to be built heavier and stronger in order to accommodate the heavier weights, whole carcasses and the movement of the just stunned animal.

The scale has to be built to accommodate shackles instead of trolleys and it uses a heavier rail than the monorail does.The shackle scale will give you an accurate weight of each carcass ran across the scale; the weight, not legal for trade, can be recorded and transferred into a database system for accurate yield data.

The shackle scale is a great tool to be used along with systems that track carcasses throughout you plant.

Using it with systems like Trolley Vision® and the WeighMore® In-Motion Monorails, insure that you are at the top of the game in data collection.

Heavy Duty Shackle Scale

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