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Jan 7, 2014

A customer came to us needing to automatically weigh bagged product in a production line, but there was an unusual problem.  As the product left the conveyor scale, it needed to immediately travel on an incline conveyor to get to an upper level.  The frame for that incline conveyor needed to extend beneath the conveyor scale, leaving no room under the conveyor for the scale components.

conveyor scale

We solved this problem by designing a suspended scale that we installed above the conveyor portion of the system.  By placing the weighing platform above the conveyor, the customer was able to re-use his existing incline conveyor.

But, there was one other problem.  This customer required three feet of clearance between the conveyor belt and the suspended scale.  That kind of space meant that the scale would swing in one direction, let’s say north and south, and sway in the other direction, let’s call that east and west.

The solution to this challenge was the placing of bracing bars on the frame beneath the conveyor bed, perpendicular to the direction of belt travel, and to attach triangular gussets near the top of the frame structure.

Those measures completely stabilized the conveyor scale system and allowed those bagged products to be weighed in motion to a sensitivity of less than one ounce.

A heavy capacity suspended weighing platform conveyor scale with extraordinary clearance…another example of our customization that fits your needs, your speeds, and your space.

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