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Nov 28, 2013

A flow scale is a unique type of conveyor scale in the sense that it doesn’t take individual weights like most other in-motion scales.

It is primarily for measuring bulk product. This could include all sorts of products like powdered substances, bits or chunks of meat, and even things like eggs with a little care taken into account.

Single Conveyor Flow Scale

Single Conveyor Flow Scale – Measures total bulk or aggregate product weight

So, you might be wondering what the point of it is if it doesn’t take individual weighments.

It is actually a very useful product for determining throughput and general yields because it allows you to amass daily weight totals of all of the product that passes over it.

Knowing your total product throughput in a day is very useful information.

If the scale isn’t reading as much weight as you believe it should, you might need to inspect or alter some part of the production process. This clues you in to potential issues that might be draining productivity before it is too late.

If using a flow scale for this purpose, you have to be careful about its maintenance. Because of the use of certain products with flow scales, they can tend to accumulate weight through residue or other things that stick to the conveyor.

This can be a big issue for a flow scale because it uses continuous weighing. This means that the scale takes a reading for every scale length that the conveyor travels. If there is extra weight sticking to the conveyor, it will be added to the totals over and over again.

The problem can be solved in two ways.

Regular cleaning is the most obvious.

This limits the buildup that can occur on the conveyor belting.

The other way is recalibration.

This is done by leaving space between segments of bulk product where the scale can zero itself.

This takes the added weight out of the equation even though the buildup is still occurring.

Cleaning is still recommended if you use this method.

If you are interested in realizing the benefits of a flow scale, talk to us today.

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