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Aug 4, 2014

Recently, we were called into a potential customer’s plant to help them look for a solution to a problem that was causing them to lose a lot of production.

In Motion Checkweigher

Checkweigher with Draft Shield

This customer was running two different production lines through a small corridor with a checkweigher set up on each line that would reject any of the boxes that were out of weight range. Seemingly, the majority of these boxes were falling out of the acceptable weight range. This made the people at these two stations very busy, and it created a large bottleneck.

In-Motion Checkweigher with Alarm Light

In-Motion Checkweigher with Alarm Light and Reject Mechanism

The boxes that were going across these scales were being filled by an automatic filling machine in a different area of the plant that was a fair distance away.  This was only compounding the problem because the filling machines were so far away that it took a long time for the scale operator to relay a message to the filling machine operator that a problem existed with the amount being output. Even when the filling machine operator made an adjustment, it would take a long time for those adjusted boxes to get to the scale.

What we proposed to solve these problems was the installation of an in-motion checkweigher directly after each filling machine that would be capable of sending feedback to the filling machines when the tolerances were getting close to out–of-range. This would allow the filling machine to continuously self-adjust to changing product characteristics.

In Motion Checkweigher

Three-lane checkweigher for hamburger patties.

They admitted that they had thought of placing a checkweigher closer to the filling machines before but could not find a layout that would work. We showed them that by using one of our custom-designed checkweighers designed for their specific needs, we would be able to make the system fit with minimal modifications to the existing environment.

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