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Nov 3, 2015

This is a Human Machine Interface touchscreen controller for a pork stomach washing application.  This system automates several aspects of the stomach washing process resulting in added value, reduced waste and a reduction in labor.

stomach washer

17-in touchscreen HMI controls all aspects of the stomach washing system

The client’s problem was their existing stomach washer would under-fill, or over-fill.  This occurred frequently due to an employee visually gauging when enough stomachs were dumped into the washer. An under-fill situation would eventually lead to a backlog.  An over-fill situation would lead to stomachs falling on the floor, resulting in the stomachs going to inedible rendering, or stomachs not being washed properly due to overloading.  In addition, they allocated a person to constantly monitor the washer.  The entire stomach washing process was inefficient.

In order to remedy the situation, Vande Berg Scales load cells were installed underneath the stomach washer basin.  These load cells will send a mV signal to our Scale Data System to ensure proper loading of the washer via opening and closing of product gates.  With proper basin washer loading, stomachs can now be washed properly, maximizing their value.

Our SDS is NEMA-4X washdown rated that can be located directly on the plant floor. It has a large touchscreen display that can be monitored from a distance.  It controls many aspects of the stomach washing process.  The system can run automatically or can be manually controlled with the stop, pause, or run buttons.  Our SDS can also generate reports outlining total batch weights throughout the day.

stomach washer screen

Close-up of interface for controlling the stomach washing system. Stomach washer can be easily paused, stopped or started with on-screen buttons.

The final result is additional profit realized by more efficient washing of pork stomachs, reduced product sent to rendering and reduced labor costs associated with monitoring the stomach washer! Ask how we can help you find a solution for your problems today!

SDS Industrial Controller

SDS Industrial Controller

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