Multiple Ways to Converge Products with a Conveyor System

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Mar 14, 2013

It is handy to have products side-by-side for certain machines, like filling stations, but others can’t handle that very well.

Checkweighers, conveyor scales, and labeling machines are usually meant to handle one product at a time due to their nature.

What do you do when you need products coming in one at a time?

The answer is converging.

Converging is the action of taking things from different locations and having them meet, and there are many interesting ways that this can be done.

One way we deal with the most is the use of a converging conveyor.

A converging conveyor can be done in several different ways, but they all revolve around controlling multiple incoming lines so that only one product is coming at a time.

One of our primary methods of doing this is by having multiple side-by-side lines that each lead up to an indexer which limits the flow of each line so they can pass through one line at a time.

This same thing can be done by blocking certain lanes with gates which are timed to open at appropriate times with the use of photo eyes.


Singulating Conveyor contains individual belts which permit individual product lines to advance while other lines are held back. Once a space opens up, the stopped belts will advance the product. The merging conveyor ensures all products are directed to the center of the belt.

Still, some converging is done by a start-and-stop process where photo eyes act like traffic cops telling certain conveyors to turn off and then back on when the line is clear of any obstructions.

It is even possible to bring a chaotic flow of products into a more ordered single file through the use of a type of singulator.

These use intuitive differences in conveyor speed and specially placed product guides to naturally bring products into an orderly fashion, though they require more room.

There are many ways to converge products, but it can be difficult to choose the right way for your particular plant.

Let us help you with the correct solution!

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