In-Motion Monorail Scales or Carcass Scales for Meat Processing

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Oct 22, 2013

When you think about meat processing/packing plants, what do they all have in common?

Every plant, large and small has to move the carcasses of the animals they are processing. This is always done on a rail of some sort.

monorail scale

High Accuracy In-Motion Monorail Scale

Some rails are flat, some are round, but you will always see rails for hanging the carcass and moving it from place to place in the plant. The animal comes into the plant and once it is killed it is placed on a trolley which rides down the rail. Each of these animals needs to be weighed in order to properly pay the producer for the animal and in order to figure the yields after the animal has been processed.


There are several types of monorail scales which can be used to get the weights.

Static carcass scales are typically smaller in size and used to weigh the animal hanging on the trolley by pulling the trolley onto the scale, waiting for the animal to settle to get the weight, then pulling the trolley off the scale.

In-motion (also called dynamic) scales work in conjunction with the plant’s overhead chain. These scales weigh the carcass on the trolley as it moves down the rail.

This can be done two different ways.

One way is to just replace a section of the rail and weigh the trolley as it is pushed by the overhead chain.

monorail scale

A second and better way is to replace a section of the rail with a scale that includes an independent drive to pull the trolley away from the overhead chain. This way removes any inconsistencies that are in play from the overhead chain. These scales can be placed in several places throughout the plant: most notably right after the animal is killed (often called the hot scale) and right after it comes out of a cooler (often called the cold scale).

Carcass scales are a vital part of any meat processing plant.  If you have any questions about or are in need of either a static or in-motion monorail scale, contact us!

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