In Motion Checkweighers: Increased Demand & Increased Output

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Jun 18, 2014

Recently, we assisted a meat processing facility with just this dilemma.  They have an excellent work force and were doing an outstanding job of manually weighing each piece of meat prior to packaging because the end customer required tight weight constraints on different cuts of meat on separate processing runs. A factor radically affecting the end customer’s weight constraints was the injection of a specific marinating liquid. With the company’s excellence in product and production came additional contracts and increased demand.

In-Motion Checkweigher with Shroud Cover

In-Motion Checkweigher with Shroud Cover

The problem was how to increase the output without increasing the workforce. The need was to utilize the existing excellent workforce and workspace. The solution was to remove the time consuming segment of manually checkweighing each piece prior to packaging and to replace it with automated checkweighing.

To accomplish this activity, we designed and incorporated our checkweigher with sortation diverts to operate and sort according to prescribed and changeable settings. Adjustable speed of infeed conveyors and other actions, provide necessary product singulation for fast and accurate product checkweighing.  Thus, people that were doing the checkweighing and packaging can now assist others and concentrate completely on packaging actions. The product that is diverted by the prescribed weight settings is subsequently reprocessed accordingly.

As designed, our system more than doubles the output of the high quality product while meeting the accuracy constraints as required by the end customers. Our customer is happy to be achieving their goal of increased output while utilizing the same work force in the work space available.

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In-Motion Checkweigher Brochure

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