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Feb 3, 2014

The sorting of animal hides is often a labor intensive job. In today’s world, efficiency is one of the important keys to any business’s success. Management needs and wants to do its best to keep a healthy workforce and eliminate the possibility of workplace related injury. Although we have automated hide sortation to some extent, people are still the key components in the process. We have simply removed a great deal of the manual lifting, carrying, and placement.

With our Hide Sortation System, hides are placed on hooks on a specifically designed chain driven trolley.

hide sortation

The hides are lifted and move past a grading station where they are identified according to a series of specified characteristics and the respective buttons are pressed by the grading individual. For example, hides may be identified initially by brand (native,butt,collie), sex and/or breed buttons.

  • Native = No Brand on hide
  • Butt   = Brand on hide located roughly within 16 inches of tail end
  • Collie = Brand on hide roughly above 16 inches of the tail end

Additionally, there are normally different weight ranges with respective buttons to press.

Depending on predetermined needs, the system can be set for the specific drop locations according to the parameters required. One such consideration may be the thickness of a hide as well as the breed of the animal hide.

hide sortation

Simply stated, the grading individual presses buttons on the control panel which determine and assign the associated drop location for the hide. Our specifically developed industrial controller associates the respective elements as well as the hide location according to a distance encoding wheel. As a result of these activities and according to prescribed settings, the hides are released and readied for shipment and subsequent product processing.

Our Hide Sorting System removes a great deal of physical labor, increases throughput efficiency, and subsequently provides the strong component of worker safety.

Hide Sortation Brochure

Download our PDF Brochure

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