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Feb 12, 2014

The answer to this question is dependent on several factors. You must consider whether you are doing print and apply or application of preprinted labels and characteristics such as the size of the boxes and the applicable belt transfer speed. Obviously, you can apply more labels per minute on smaller boxes than larger boxes based on area and distance requirements.

automatic labeling system

Dual Bottom Labelers – One unit stays operational while other unit can be repaired or have labels replaced.

The type and model of equipment utilized can be a driving factor on the number of boxes labeled over time. For example, one of the models we utilize, proclaims the fastest dispense speed in the industry. With a dispense speed of up to 3900 inches per minute, several labels can be applied in a moment of time. Keep in mind, when an information exchange is required, such as weight and product identification to be placed on the label, the label application time will be affected and the functional belt speed is adjusted as necessary.

automatic labeling system

The method of application is also a major factor in determining the “label per minute” ratio. You could have a requirement for a corner wrap-around label or simply a side tamp, top tamp, or blow  on affixing method. The blow on method uses a puff of air pressure to direct the label onto the package. The action and reaction time will vary with the application method. Direct roll on application of pre printed labels as a box passes will provide for the greatest number of labeled boxes per minute possible.

automatic labeling

Regardless of method, an adherence brush is often placed in line with the label application. The intent is for applied pressure from the brush to ensure that the label is affixed well and stays put.

Often, manual box labeling is the method of choice where volume and speed is not relevant to daily operations. This type of box labeling is of course dependent on people as well as the equipment. Often, a box weight is associated with a print and apply label. An individual places a box on the scale, and when the weight settles, the print button is pressed, and a respective label is output and applied by the individual. Here again, time is required for print action and application. A comfortable average for medium size 10 lb boxes could be 5 to 7 per minute based on operations and abilities of the individuals tasked with the responsibility.

As you can understand, the number of actions and interaction desired or required for a label system will determine the throughput or number of boxes labeled.

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Download our PDF Brochure

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