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Sep 30, 2013

manual box labeling
There are certain plants out there that deal with a large product variety, and it is very important that these products are labeled appropriately. This means that they are not only dealing with product variety, but also with a variety of box and container sizes.

A good example of this is a plant that packages and distributes offal products. They tend to have a lower volume of product to work with, but it is highly varied. They have to be ready to run special orders. This means that they could be filling up something like a small box or something as large as a combo.


With all of these different order possibilities, these plants need a good way to label each one accurately. For this level of product volume, a manual labeling system can do wonders.

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A manual labeler can be linked to bench and deck scales to accommodate varying package sizes. Typically, an order comes through, operators pack the proper offal into an appropriately sized container.

At a manual labeling station, the operators weigh the container. This could be simply placing the box on a bench scale, or it may require someone to haul a combo onto a deck scale with a forklift. Either way, the operator then enters in a product code which contains all of the necessary information.

There are many ways to do this. The operator can manually enter the code. He might have a scanner to scan pre-identification labels on the packages, or he might have a pick list of sample barcodes nearby that he can scan based off of the product and package size.

However identification is done, the labeler then calculates all of the appropriate weight info (including the tare weight for the container) and product ID and prints out a label to be hand applied to the box or combo.

This is an especially nice system when palletizing boxes because it can automatically produce pallet manifests which have serial numbers and weights of all products on the pallet. This helps greatly with data management and is an important step to traceability.

If you are looking for a sensible way to label, a manual box labeler could be a good way to go, but we can help you in designing a system that fits your needs specifically.

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