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We’ve described the process and idea behind Trolley Vision® before and how each trolley has a unique ID built into it, so let’s talk a little bit about how we make those ID’s and how they work.

Meat producers send us their trolleys to be altered to fit the Trolley Vision® system.

We take each trolley and drill a series of 1/8” holes into each trolley’s strap section.

trolley vision

Trolley Vision System with light and camera

Other companies have made vision systems that used various hole sizes in combination to make a code, but we didn’t like that idea.

Drilling differently sized holes in each trolley meant that the tare weights varied from trolley to trolley.

Uniform holes eliminate that variation.

There are 9 holes drilled in each trolley, each in their own separate row.

The encoding holes adds up to over 823,000 different ID hole configurations.

When the cameras read interference or shadows over the back light, the camera begins to take pictures that are evaluated through software.

Using the holes as a reference, the system assigns each hole to a grid and computes its unique number in a short amount of time.

We think that 823,000 unique ID’s are more than enough, but we still have the ability to expand the number combinations. Just the addition of one row could increase the options exponentially into the millions. This is always a good ace in the hole when dealing with the steadily expanding meat market.

Trolley Vision® is one of our most groundbreaking technologies, that can be used  extensively for one up and one back traceablity, country of origin tracking, shrink yield tracking, to name a few solutions.  We know that it is capable of saving you money in no time. Stop using the mistake-bound methods of paper and tags and upgrade your tracking to a Trolley Vision® Tracking System today!

Trolley Vision Brochure

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