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Oct 14, 2013

As more and more companies look for solutions to lower their production costs, the industry has been in a state of constant change to meet the demand.

Let’s look at some of the ways that you can possibly lower your production cost and increase production at the same time.


We feel that the first hurdle to overcome is the old saying and mentality that “this is the way we have always done it!”

With case ready equipment changing each and every day, you now have the capability to integrate many parts and procedures of the line into a single system. Many lines have been constructed one piece at a time and have been added on to many times and therefore could be very inefficient.

Let’s take a step back for a moment to observe your operation.

  • How many different tasks are being performed on the line?
  • How many times is the product being handled?
  • How are the trays being delivered to the line?
  • What is your shrink factor?
  • What is your giveaway?
  • What specific tasks are requiring the most man hours?
  • How is case labeling being done?
  • Where is each component of the line being done?

Once you have made the list, you now have something you can work with.

As mentioned before, case ready equipment has really advanced in just the last few years. Speeds are much higher, systems can now be totally integrated to meet the needs of today’s cut lines. Product handling has changed with the new types of belting and sortation equipment that is available. Labeling has advanced drastically; today you can not afford to have an employee labeling packages.

Automatic weigh price labelers are faster and can now have metal detection, vision, code dating, and be able to run chaotic product with the use of pre-identification labels. In-motion weighing and sortation add quality and efficiency to lines.

Contact a supplier that is willing to look at your list, one that has the ability to look outside the box. We have the ability and capability to help you design a line that will meet all of your current case ready needs and help you look into the future.

Change will continue, find a supplier that will meet the changes needed to lower your production costs!


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