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Oct 1, 2013
automatic labeling

Dual Top & Bottom Labeler

When working on a labeling project, having one printer/applicator for each label that you need to apply is not always the best solution.

We helped a customer increase production by nearly 10% on one line, by simply adding a second labeler to their system.  This was a high speed system that was labeling at over 130 packages a minute.  The label rolls that they were using contained 3,000 labels. This meant that the label roll would run empty in less than 24 minutes.


Obviously this line would be shut down while the label roll was being changed out, however, this company had a very good operator working on this line and she could change the label roll out in just over 2 minutes.

We set up a second labeler that was paired to the first labeler so that when the first labeler ran out of labels the second one would automatically take over the labeling this immediately took production from 7,150 packages per hour to 7,800 packs an hour.

The customer also found some other benefits as time went on. They found that production didn’t suffer as much when the normal operator was gone, because the fill in operators were not as fast as she was at changing out the labels.

Whoever was filling in could easily take twice as long to change out the empty roll causing twice as much down time. They found that without the necessity to change out the labels so fast, that the operator could take the time to do the proper maintenance on the machine like cleaning the print roller and print head after every label change, as a result the read rates on the bar codes went up.

manual box labeling_02

Another benefit was realized when they would change to a product that would require a different label, they could set up the labeler that was not being used at the end of the first run to produce for the second run. That way when the next run started they could switch over seamlessly with the push of a button.

Additionally they were better equipped when their customer asked that a second label be applied for a special that the store was running.  They now have some peace of mind knowing  that if one of the printers has a problem the other one can continue to get the days production out the door.

Automatic Box Labeling Brochure

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