How Do I Know When To Replace My Old Monorail Scale?

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Mar 28, 2014

One customer problem we see often is knowing when an in-motion monorail scale is getting to the end of its expected life. Just like any other machine, monorail scales can’t last foreverbut that is just a part of the natural way of things in a rugged industrial environment. Recognizing the early warning signs is a very important step.

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If you have an old monorail scale in your plant, you probably remember a time when it was dead accurate and didn’t require recalibration very often. Most scales start off like this, but gradually degrade over time. Regular testing of these scales is mandatory in order to ensure that you and the producer are both getting the money that you deserve off of whatever animal or product you might be hanging by trolleys.

Over time, you will most likely see a trend of increasing recalibrations. Maybe you start having to recalibrate every month, and then every week, and finally, every day. You might not even be able to see a physical change. These are good signs that the scale has aged and that either serious maintenance is needed, or you might have to consider a new scale.

At that point, for a monorail scale, maintenance might not cut it. Load cells, summing cards, and rails can all be replaced, but fatigue will start to wear at the scale as a whole.

Pretending that nothing is wrong with an old scale is dangerous because it threatens your business in multiple ways. If the scale accuracy is constantly drifting throughout the day, you could start to lose money little by little on each carcass. For a high volume plant, this can add up dangerously fast.

Even worse is the possibility that the scale could fail entirely if pushed too far. Without a working scale, you could suffer a major lack of production that could severely damage both your profit and your reputation. It is best to plan ahead so that you never get to that point.

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Most scales have an estimated lifespan available which you shouldn’t take for granted. Of course, proper preventive maintenance goes a long way towards getting the maximum life out of the scale. Unlike many other scales out there, we build our high accuracy  in-motion monorail scales with an incredible amount of longevity. With a rugged design and stainless steel construction, we can extend the life of our monorail scales up to 10 years.

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If you have an old monorail scale to replace, our HA in-motion monorails will get you the most accurate weighments available, and it will be a long time before it runs out of steam. Don’t wait too long for a quality upgrade because if you do, it might be too late.


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