Is Carcass Tracking With Trolley Vision® RF Tags a Viable Option?

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Dec 8, 2013

The answer to this question is a little more complex than a yes or no. Is carcass tracking with trolley vision a viable option?

Whether a radio tracking system like Trolley Vision® RF (radio frequency) will work for you largely depends on your plant and your needs.

Trolley Vision RF Tracking Components

Trolley Vision RF Tracking Components

For bigger plants, it is hard to beat the standard Trolley Vision® system, but RF could be a viable option for a lot of middle to small-sized plants.

In large-scale operations like beef or pork plants, you probably want to avoid RF for several reasons.

First of all, these operations often have a lot of interference which can severely limit the performance of radio signals.

On top of that, the trolleys can get beat up on quite a bit in these environments (I’ll explain how this affects performance later).

For smaller plants, there are fewer machines running and thus less radio frequency issues, which are the biggest reasons for interference.

Radio antennae are also a cheaper solution to camera stations.

The biggest thing that keeps most larger companies from investing in RF technology is that the RFID tags required are subject to wear from rough-handling of trolleys.

They start off with a very good read rate, but that can drop if they take a beating.

The technology for these radio chips is expected to become sturdier and stable in the future, but as is it is right now, the chips need to be replaced occasionally in rough environments.

trolley vision

Trolley vision system with light and camera

Trolleys should be easier to maintain in a plant with less volume, so it still remains a viable option.

Aside from that, the other advantages to Trolley Vision® RF are the lack of a blower to clean out the vision system holes and the non-intrusive installation.

ID tags are clamped to the trolley’s wheel with a molded  RF tag holder, no drilling necessary.

This shows you some of the positives of using Trolley Vision® RF for a smaller operation.

It may not be the tried-and true, one-time installation standard Trolley Vision®, but it definitely has its place in certain tracking applications.

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